Friday, July 1, 2016

Down time from horses...

Its been almost 8 months since putting down my dearest buddy Rira. Do I miss him? I do. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. But what I have realized is what I don't have now is another outlet to allow me to relax, smell him, pet him, brush him and fully escape from the everyday bullshit in today's society. Sure I have the gym, but there is nothing like the fresh air outside hanging around a horse.
With this downtime I did realize other factors--is the care at many of this barns was not something I really wanted to have to deal with again. Some places really aren't up to speed, or even the people at them. Horse ownership is hard and for those that say its cheap its far from it. Depending where you are, 400-500 to start. Hay alone can be around 7-10 for a good size bale. That doesn't even include normal shots from the vet, and if anything happened in between could range from a simple few hundred to a few thousands...Last year of owning Rira I spent a lot trying to diagnose him.

I am not made of money, but owning any animal does not come without its costs. If you can't see yourself spending an average of 600 ( rough average once you look at board, etc) a month on 1 horse, than really you cannot consider getting one. Once you put in all those factors and saving per month for farrier, vet and other fees that could occur, mind you this doesn't include your truck/trailer if you have or any other specialty clinics, lessons, or shows you could attend. First time in a while though I am able to go on work trips, or even weekend trips without having to worry about my care of my horses. Do you know how much of an aggravation that is when you take off and you have worry if your horse will be fed or not? Or begging friends to help you?

I know I will own horses again, its just I have not found the right time now. Owning horses is a full time investment, money, emotional, sense of worry and everything else that gets attached to it. Other part is knowing when to say goodbye. Its our jobs to do this. Once its uncomfortable we need to be brave enough to let go. Hardest part, but the simplest and most prized gift that we can give them is dignified goodbye. To me, horse ownership has taken on a different view. There is a beginning, middle and an end. Although I didn't see it before I see it now. Its something I hope all horse owners think about, because it will happen at one point.

Summer Game Plan

I been working home a lot, which means pretty much 10-12 hour days. With my job anyway I tend to work more since instead of driving to the office I wake up, log onto VPN and work. Yes- work in my PJs. Do I get a chance to hit the gym? Sure I do, every chance I can. I moved to a new place which allows for a larger at home gym and I am situated in the country, which allows for lots of walks with my dog and a short drive to a few gyms. Which all of them I have memberships to. Whats my goal this summer? Well really its just to relax more in my life.

Am I lifting? Yes, daily or some sort of exercise. My goal is to sustain and grow my muscle while still keeping my bf % around 15%. Why is this? Well I have not figured out my next step whether I will do another show or not, and its easier to sustain this lifestyle than go off the deep end. Especially when your body is used to being so clean for so long. Plus I like being this healthy, I like having this clean bulk and clean muscle. Nothing like this.

I don't often weight myself, but I do take measurements as well as get my bf % done. Its truly the best way to measure. I really go by how I am feeling though on a daily basis. But for a while I have just let so many things bother me in the long run. I'm healthy as a horse, but I truly allow so much to bother me. I just care too much about everyone in my life. I have a passion for those around me. I never do things half ass. This summer though is about me and really looking at what I need. Sure others might come into my life, but if I am not fully grounded than there really is not reason for anything else. Life tends to teach you lessons you just need to know when to listen, breathe and take a step back from it all.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. :)