Thursday, April 7, 2016

For everything there is a season..

And last night my Grandfather at 88 years old, slowly and peacefully passed away. I have no regrets, he lived a long life and we were grand all friends. I even got to talk to him earlier in the day, he told me he was proud of his Engineer granddaughter. That meant the world.

I figured I write a little bit about him, he truly was an amazing person and when he did something he never half assed anything and LIVED daily to the fullest. He was a miltary man, was in the Navy and met my beautiful Memere in bar near one of the ports he was stopped at. He knew right there an then, she was the one he would marry. 2 weeks later they were engaged and married. They didn't have a long honeymoon since he had to go back out and there was a hurricane, the day of their wedding which made things even more complicated. He traveled the world, was a decorated solider, smart amazing person. He was stern and soft. Loved his kids, grandkids and his animals. After leaving the military he worked for Levitan and Lacona.

Sadly after being married to his love of his life, for 65+ years, three children and retiring in Florida, he passed away and lost his battle to cancer. He never wanted to trouble anyone and he always just ehh- his pain or whatever what was going on in his life and always kept busy.

I am trying to remember him for the amazing person he was. He was not just some guy, he was a man that was on all different levels and most people today can't even come close to this. The type of honor he had for his family, life and country was beyond anything I have ever seen.

Wherever you are Pop, I am glad your not in pain anymore and hope we can hang out again in whatever fashion one day if that is even possible. Regardless, today is a stormy day. Just like any major event that happened in his life. I am happy that he was proud of me, since he knew I was proud of myself. That fitness, horse crazed, engineer which he often bragged about. Makes me smile. And that is the type of memories I will remember forever.

Until than on the flipside cheers to an amazing man. You helped build the person I am and for that I am thankful.