Tuesday, March 22, 2016

About a week out

There are many things that go through your head when prepping for something like this. Sure you love to fit, my the lifestyle really needs to be something that is healthy. I am one of those people though when I do something or go after anything I put my heart and soul into it. There is no stopping me and I will never give up.

Money aside, since I did have to pay a coach weekly for some assistance, posing and what I needed to improve on, its a huge time factor. Towards the end I am spending 2-3 hours daily just on working out. Forget a social life, forget family, friends, or whomever might be special, because this is a GOAL I wanted and in order to do it I needed to prioritize. Whether it really pissed others off whatever, I tend to be one that if I have to say sorry for not being around to hold peoples hands, really I don't need to be in those peoples lives anyway. I am a goal driven person and I am very independent. This is not something for the faint of heart either, you will be told your not thin enough, and even a coach will grab that roll, or whatever fat you have left..Mind you I am now at 10% and that is not even enough. Its all subjective and that is how you have to look at it. I love my body and myself to know what to do and what not to do. I get monthly blood tests, get monitored by a doctor and see a nutritionist. There is no magic formula, especially when dealing with something like this. No magic pills - although I like to think my Aminos and multi vitamins are since they truly help when you are cutting carbs down. So- How am I feeling? I am feeling good. My skin is clear, by body is not hungry, my tests all show good, thyroid is Okay.. (I am hypo), and I don't take meds for this. Head wise, its just mind over matter. Your tired to do things, but you do them anyway. Its just like anything else in the world though, you want it and you find a way. I nap a lot, but that is not something that is any different. I have never slept well and I am lucky if I get a few hours without waking up, so naps in my world are very important to keep me in a healthy balance. Attitude? Feeling ready to take over the world actually and I'm excited to eat a burger and FRIES, just no bun, because I literally can't eat that much bread anymore it makes me sick. The healthier you are, the more you realize what actually makes your body feel not as well. Breads, pastas, heavy sauces, dairy, butter, heavy fats, processed crap all make you pretty sick and at times make you throw up. I can't even eat a slice of pizza from my favorite place anymore between the dough and the greasy cheese, it makes me very sick. There are trade offs obviously, but they are worth it.

My body is worth it, I am worth it and in order to live this healthy lifestyle its just what I need to do. I don't want to live on pills so I can eat pizza or some random processed foods. I don't want heart disease or end up high blood pressure with other issues. There are so many things I can avoid just being healthy and for me its clear. I feel better 100% being this way and anyone that doesn't get it thats perfectly fine. But when they are sitting their asses in a hospital wishing they could of changed something that will be the moment they truly felt they should of changed something. It all comes down to one change. Thats it. Its not something that happens over night, its simple swaps, walking more, teaching your kids to live healthier, etc. Life is about living, not about sitting home watching tv eating fried dough crap. So live a little, get out there take a drive to your favorite country spot and have a nice picnic and hike. Take in the fresh air and just enjoy life.