Friday, February 12, 2016

#8weeks out

I never thought I do this again, but here I am. I kind of miss the prep. YUP, I missed it. Here's the deal, when you get to that close to being that HEALTHY, your body starts to reject most things that are processed. My face broke out, crazy rashes and even odd allergy attacks. All due to diet. Sure I did act like a little piggy, since I literally wanted to indulge on what I was not able to have prior, but what I realized is for most things I did not really miss it. Breads, pastas, dairy in particularly- pretty easy to avoid. It was the cookies, pies, brownies, candies and tacos- hard shells. You put that all together and you are in for disaster.

Your body will reject anything trying to hurt it and my body was doing exactly what it was made to do. When I was cleansed, my skin was clear, I was sleeping better, mood was up and up. Huge difference, now that I am fully back on the plan, (which few of my friends are on it with me for shits and giggles..), since they want to enjoy having a nice healthy body as well as the cosmetic reasons, who wouldn't want to be sexy for the summer? You be lying if you said you didn't.

My last prep I had a few work trips, which normally suck since working with coworkers, that literally eat until they burst, makes for more a challenge, but I have learned to head to the store wherever I am, carry my lovely thermal bag and have a "balance". Sure I will have a cookie, but I am not going to have 20. That's the difference. Do I have cravings? Sure. But the natural high is truly like anything else I have ever had.

Workout wise, I am lifting a little bit differently, heavier on back and shoulders, since I am doing figure. My coach is going to lend me this amazing suit, which I cannot WAIT to wear and I have been working on posing. Its a little bit different than bikini division, but I feel I will be better in this one since honestly I am not a "girly girl" by any means and as much as I like flaunting my $hit, I don't wear dresses, heels or any of those things, so the bikini posing and strut really was not my thing. I am a more of down to business, wearing my boots, Levi's, tight tank kind of chick. And I love that.

Its Friday - Leg day and its an hour workout later on. Yes, Friday night, workout. Its also Valentines Day weekend, which I guess would mean something to some? But really its a HUGE get your ass to work weekend for me and hoping to get some double sets in to keep my mind and body clear and ready to go.