Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Workout Goals

Forgot to post my recent goals. Sorta been all over the place. Its been a month since my contest. I been just trying to lift heavy as hell, and as much as I can. Following most of the Kris Gethin, DTP principles in order to build some lean muscle.

I really love focusing on my legs and butt for a most part, but I know that my back as well as my arms is a huge focus. My new goal for my next show is Figure. What is different between Figure and Bikini you may ask? Bikini: Healthy, slightly full curvier shape, toned and defined with only slight muscle separation through conditioning. Figure: Looking for healthy, athleticism of the physique. This is not a bodybuilding contest. A degree of muscular with separation is desire, but not excessive muscle should be seen. Muscle should be toned and lean.

My workout break up for the week
Mondays Legs
Tuesday Back/ Shoulders
Wednesday Chest Abs
Thursday Arms
Friday Butt
Saturday Full body Conditioning
Sunday Depending what I do on Saturday--I could end up doing full body again, in a different fashion or go hiking. Mostly a " Active Rest day" Not- active sleep all day and eat. I prep meals and make protein cookies.

Really my goals are to just enjoy everything. Get more muscle, of course eat healthy, workout daily, but really have a pretty balanced life.