Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taking a stab at writing a children's book..

Growing up reading was an essential part of my life and although it was something was a constant struggle I had some amazing teachers, and family to guide me along the way. I hope to use my children's book idea - already have a few in design, my dog Denver and a few other "learning tales".. as a themed throughout the series and dedicate all the books to my favorite girls Ingrid, Kelsey and Halina.

This idea came to me since I am constantly taking my dog Denver, on adventures and he is always getting into some "mess", and someone always has to bail him out it seems. I would like to share these stories with children and truly make a difference.

For Anyone that like to donate to this cause and get these books out there quicker-- check it out! Donate here. Any proceeds from future books will be going to my nieces (Which have their issues) as well as donating a portion of these books for publishing to local libraries, schools, etc.