Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Supersize with a Diet Coke Please!

I often watch people around me, what they eat, what they do, how they act, all of that. I get criticized in every direction, and its something I have gotten used to. As someone whom has learned how I like to live and what I need from life, you learn that food really? Is not the be all and end all. Living in a world, where that's the focal point on pretty much every event, can be a pretty difficult thing. Everyone wants to go out, celebrate, etc and go out. Do I want to go out? Honestly no. How can we change this? Well, be better than just a supersize me world. Do better, be better and not just be lazy sitting on ones ass while teaching other generations around us. Over the last few years I really have gotten to the point there is so much around us that has to be seen, and there is a huge world just outside our comfort zone. Sure you need to eat, plan it out though, spend less and prepare your meals, be healthier. It starts with you, especially if you are someone that others look up to. Be the better person. Be that person that lives above the Super Size me world. Does it have to be something crazy? No, but living with self imposed diabetics, obesity, is not something I intend to do to myself, nor being an unhealthy skinny person, or skinny fat. Learn to enjoy nature, take hikes, walks, picnics and enjoy the little things in life. Get out, enjoy it all and leave out the supersize items. Your waist line will thank you!