Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Workout Goals

Forgot to post my recent goals. Sorta been all over the place. Its been a month since my contest. I been just trying to lift heavy as hell, and as much as I can. Following most of the Kris Gethin, DTP principles in order to build some lean muscle.

I really love focusing on my legs and butt for a most part, but I know that my back as well as my arms is a huge focus. My new goal for my next show is Figure. What is different between Figure and Bikini you may ask? Bikini: Healthy, slightly full curvier shape, toned and defined with only slight muscle separation through conditioning. Figure: Looking for healthy, athleticism of the physique. This is not a bodybuilding contest. A degree of muscular with separation is desire, but not excessive muscle should be seen. Muscle should be toned and lean.

My workout break up for the week
Mondays Legs
Tuesday Back/ Shoulders
Wednesday Chest Abs
Thursday Arms
Friday Butt
Saturday Full body Conditioning
Sunday Depending what I do on Saturday--I could end up doing full body again, in a different fashion or go hiking. Mostly a " Active Rest day" Not- active sleep all day and eat. I prep meals and make protein cookies.

Really my goals are to just enjoy everything. Get more muscle, of course eat healthy, workout daily, but really have a pretty balanced life.

Texting madness. Media Craziness.

We are all bombarded by all sorts of media. Phone, texts, internet, social media, you name it you can get bothered by it. Sigh--like things are not more connected most work places make you carry a work place. Sure you may think that is awesome, but an electronic leash syncing up to works servers, checking your location, all websites, and texts/calls is just more virtual attachment to the one thing I don't want. How does one take a step back from it all? Well for what boundaries. When I hit the gym, I listen to Pandora, everything gets blocked out. I go there to WORKOUT. When I am out with friends, my phone stays on the table or in the car- since I am there to SEE them. If someone truly needs to get me THEY can call. I am not too sure what is wrong with society at this point, but really how hard is a phone call. Texts are nothing, you can do them in mass quantity as it is.

Living in the quite digital world sets up for a lot of new challenges. You can be stuck on this stupid devices doing all sorts of things which truly avoiding what is in front of you. Your family, children, friends. I can recall countless times my friends pretty much texting or looking at their phones the entire time they were with me. How rude is that? What is the point right? I should of just stayed home and let them text me while i was in the comfort of my home or even walking around with my dog. There was a few occasions I actually almost took the phone out of my friends hands and threw it out the window. Just madness for some of the stuff I have seen. Just sickening.
There is so much disconnection from human interaction, most people don't know how to treat each other. Talk, hang out, or even just be there for people.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but when it takes you away from something so fragile and so important its a bitter time in humanity when a stupid phone becomes more important than a human life. Take time to disconnect leave your phone wherever. You can always call whomever back, or text them back. Majority of the times its something silly anyway. I see the little games, the ridiculous texts people use against each other, marriages ending and relationships completely taking a tumble, and over what? Something just so silly and ridiculous. Time to talk to each other. Take a walk with your kids. Run with your dog and reconnect with your own self without any distractions. I bet that is something most people are not doing. When your out on a date or with someone you love, give them attention, or they will go find the attention somewhere else. Just that simple. What is truly important to you, texting, media, digital craziness? Emotional well being is much more important than anything and for many of us out there-- we have pretty much put these crazy devices superior.

As someone that works in the IT industry, yes I have two phones, one work and one personal. If I am not on call, I do not carry it with me, and if I am walking my dog, or hitting the gym, I am not looking at whats going on with facebook land. Apparently social etiquette is something that is lacking, and I am sure it will just get worse with people raising the next generations with phones and other devices. For today though, I am putting a stand on my own life, putting these things down and putting what truly is important first.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taking a stab at writing a children's book..

Growing up reading was an essential part of my life and although it was something was a constant struggle I had some amazing teachers, and family to guide me along the way. I hope to use my children's book idea - already have a few in design, my dog Denver and a few other "learning tales".. as a themed throughout the series and dedicate all the books to my favorite girls Ingrid, Kelsey and Halina.

This idea came to me since I am constantly taking my dog Denver, on adventures and he is always getting into some "mess", and someone always has to bail him out it seems. I would like to share these stories with children and truly make a difference.

For Anyone that like to donate to this cause and get these books out there quicker-- check it out! Donate here. Any proceeds from future books will be going to my nieces (Which have their issues) as well as donating a portion of these books for publishing to local libraries, schools, etc.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Supersize with a Diet Coke Please!

I often watch people around me, what they eat, what they do, how they act, all of that. I get criticized in every direction, and its something I have gotten used to. As someone whom has learned how I like to live and what I need from life, you learn that food really? Is not the be all and end all. Living in a world, where that's the focal point on pretty much every event, can be a pretty difficult thing. Everyone wants to go out, celebrate, etc and go out. Do I want to go out? Honestly no. How can we change this? Well, be better than just a supersize me world. Do better, be better and not just be lazy sitting on ones ass while teaching other generations around us. Over the last few years I really have gotten to the point there is so much around us that has to be seen, and there is a huge world just outside our comfort zone. Sure you need to eat, plan it out though, spend less and prepare your meals, be healthier. It starts with you, especially if you are someone that others look up to. Be the better person. Be that person that lives above the Super Size me world. Does it have to be something crazy? No, but living with self imposed diabetics, obesity, is not something I intend to do to myself, nor being an unhealthy skinny person, or skinny fat. Learn to enjoy nature, take hikes, walks, picnics and enjoy the little things in life. Get out, enjoy it all and leave out the supersize items. Your waist line will thank you!