Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show Day.

Before I completely forget to blog about show day, here we go. I decided to stay up in Boston, since I live about 2 hours from the venue. I packed my meals with me, I ate chicken and a half cup of sweet potatoes every two hours from Friday until 12pm on Saturday. Saturday I couldn't drink a lot since you don't want to be too bloated and not to mention have to pee. Regardless this is how the day went.

500AM. I woke up to my alarm, slightly looked at it and went really? ITS TODAY.
510AM. I called my coach to tell her I was feeling and to get more instructions, regarding how much I needed to eat, tell her how I was feeling and to see how "full I looked." This was important since we need to know if I needed to EAT more to fill in the abs or even the ass, which are the important parts obviously. Mind you at this point I am literally dreading every bite I am eating of chicken and sweet potatoes, so when I see people eat anything else I want to rip their faces off.
545AM. I put my large sweat pants on and shirt on, clean off my face and start doing my hair (pin it in place) and doing my first layer of makeup, since I knew it be a crazy day going in/out of the dressing room, and dealing with a billion people throughout the day. Mind you the show for me I didn't walk on stage until 4pm.
725AM. Eating my second meal of the morning, than head over to breakfast with my friend, I watch him eat an amazing egg omlet, bacon and whatever else his greasy ass can get to. (slightly I am cursing him out and anyone around me eating anything.. ) Sigh, waitress keeps asking me if I would like anything but I know I can't eat anything of what they have not even a glass of water...so I slightly tell her no and "sip" slowly on my coffee.
745AM. Head out to the venue, to get some parking.
815AM. Well, we find the venue but there is city parking like 5 blocks down the road and its a cold ass windy day and I am wearing baggy sweats, no undies and are in sandals..Yup totally makes sense-- walking through the city of Boston, with my hair pinned up in place, full face of makeup and holding two large bags around me..as I walk to the venue.
835AM. Get to the venue, we part ways and I head to register and put my stuff down in the dressing room.
915AM. I need to get tanned. We aren't talking some vacation tan, I need to get sprayed as dark as possible to look like a char coaled human and stand around a fan, so I don't get the crappy tan on my clothes.
945AM. Still waiting around in front of the fan, mind you there are other girls around you standing in front of the fans. All of us butt naked, chilling and hoping our tans get dry soon so we can continue on our day without trying to rub off our tans. (for those that don't know, this sucks and you can't get WATER on this tan..this makes for having to pee later in the day even more that awesome..more in a bit.)
1015AM. I finish checking and and getting my membership card for NPC. Competitors are in the audience area and things are starting to get exciting. Everyone is tanned and walking around in large sweat pants. (lots of attractive, tanned, muscle meats heads everywhere..) ;-)
1030AM. Compeitor meeting to discuss the day. More of a BS session, but all good.
1100AM. Show starts and like 25+ other classes start...so I watch which is pretty interesting in itself, let me tell you. The different bodies and knwoing the dedication for something like that is something we all could admire while there. Everyone had some sort of food container on them or water jug, so everyone understood the struggle.
1200PM Last meal and last few rice cakes before I could go on, so I could fill in some more.
12-330PM. I pretty much watching the classes still, I start sweating around my leg area and realize oh crap, there goes some of my tan.
330PM. I have to pee. When you sign up for these things and your coach tells you, when you have to use the bathroom you cannot pee regular, why not? Cause if you get water on your tan your screwed and it will SHOW. Well, guess what, I didn't manage to pee on myself, but I did manage to wipe off some of the tan on my pants after I washed my hands, so I had to get this fixed.
345PM. I get my tan fixed by the lovely tan people, and allow them to apply butt glue to my suit. YUP that was an awesome experience.
400PM. I start my massive wait to get on stage. There is a billion bikini girls and we are broken up into heights. Mind you the short divisions have more in them and the competition is a little harder since that makes it harder for the judges. At this point I am sick of waiting and my Feet and my hungry/thirst start to kick in. I can feel my brain getting a little weak and my muscle start to deflate.
445PM. Yes I FINALLY step On stage. This is some scary shit let me tell you. Trying to strut my stuff and look at the judges, make eye contact, smile, keep my arches, suck in my stomach, show my angles and muscles..and rest of my posing down..while watching the judges TEXT right in front of you. Thanks buddy I am glad your actually paying attention. I go ahead and do my "booty pop, bend over pose.." and go to look over my shoulder, now I can see the entire audience. Yup--I should not have done that, now I am nervous and I go back to the line where I wait, until they call us out in groups to start the body comparisons. With this they move people back/forth to have a proper comparison of the different types of body types, heights, muscles, etc.
600PM. Show finally over and the guys are starting to come back on stage, for the FINAL performance--which starts at 6. All the call outs and whatnot, were up next. Which is another 4-6 hours depending on how quick, this show goes a bit faster.
1000PM. Did I win? No. I got a few call outs, yes. But from what I could see there is a theme of the night and maybe I did have too much muscle for the division I was in. My body is what it is, and I am grateful for that. I am BY no means a skinny person, but built like a brick house. But the top five girls, were tall skinny girls, with slight muscle definition.
1030PM. Left and headed out with my friend and got a burger, fries and a glass of wine. Was pretty amazing meal, I especially ate it pretty slow and INDULGED eating it and took it in!! Mind you have not had my favorite meal in like 6+ months.
1130PM. I take a shower and my entire tan goes down the DRAIN just like that. YEA!! I am not longer looking like a tanned orange person, although I felt it was sorta crazy that it didn't last a few days, especially for the amount of money it cost.
1145PM. I head to bed and FINALLY drink some water.
Well that's the day in a nutshell, I hope to write more about the experience and my final thoughts on the entire process, but I need to eat more and FIX my mental/physical status of feeling like an emaciated brain dead skinny person. I have no idea how people don't eat, or not EAT every few hours. Those people are crazy to me. Anyway, write more later on the topic and whatever else I feel that should be discussed.