Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Power of staying Positive and Going with it.

Going with the flow and hoping to just continue with whatever design nature truly has for us. I guess this is something that truly had to learn more to go with. Life just isn't something that can be easy and many times you just want to just break down.

Everything in life has some sort of timing, whether its a timing of some craziness or even something out of the ordinary, its not something you can have control of. You can fall in and out of love with someone at anytime, or even find you were not meant for that person. As time ticks on, we tend to realize you just can't force certain things in life and our own wishes, desires, demands, don't just happen, they often have to take a back seat for a bit while we figure certain things out and make them happen since no one else is going to make them for us.

With every breathe you just need to learn to appreciate what life truly gives us, rather than just holding ourselves back. Screw the mold, screw the way everyone does things. You want something? Go for it. You want to go out on your own? Do it. The unfortunately part that way we think and act many times contradicts how things are normally acted upon. There is no way to control the universe. No way to control anything, anyone, you might think so, but there is no possibility to do this. So, what should we do? Stay positive no matter what. There are things in life that just happen, its just that easy. SHIT HAPPENS, you know that saying? Well, it does. People leave, people stop caring, loving, whatever, IT HAPPENS. Its life. With that you just have to go with the flow and make what you want out of whatever pieces fall. That smile, positivity with no matter what is going on can bring you far. Fighting and keeping in negativity, can't get you too far and unfortunately with that type of behavior affects everything around you.

Face your demons head on, I have. I come from nothing and I am never afraid to go back, I need no one and with that I KNOW I can do anything I set my mind at. Keeping that positivity in my back of my hand is what gets me far, while other will keep a more negative outlook and can actual infringe on their lives. What do you want in life? How do you want other to perceive you? Regardless of what you think you are, the truth always come out, so live accordingly, follow through and always live true to yourself. Life has a funny way coming back around no matter what is happening. So folks, stay positive, fck the negative and toss anyone out of your life that causes any issues. Life is truly too short for this. We aren't promised lots of time, and many times we are taken way too short from our loved ones, so show people how much you care for them, make the changes you need and never be around to make that positive step. There are no second chances and with a positive mind things can be more clear on a regular basis. What will you choose? I know what I truly want and truly am, as for others? That's their own journey, as for mine any stress/cortisol levels can cause increase of fat increase, which I rather not have. Hugs and kisses to any of my critics, but for this lucky, happy girl, although I might not have it all, I am actually going for it, working for it all, myself without anyone's help. And with that-that means more than anything unlike something given to someone. Positive life. Positive outlook is what I hope to teach. Cheers to everyone and off to locate some red wine. ;-)