Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Post Body Blues

Its been a week or so since my contest. Peak week and day of your body is running on extremes. Either, over hydrated, under carbs, etc--than boom your body is perfect for like 5 seconds. I am trying to do this 100% naturally so these types of things, carb cycling, over hydrated are all ways to clear your system and bring your levels, as well as pop your abs and everything else you need to show. But here's the thing, you can't keep these levels on a daily basis, year round, for many reasons. For one I have a thyroid problem. When you bounce back and forth with your diet, fats, sugars and all of that you screw with it. This is why carb cycling works, your body starts to use the carbs and all of that more efficient and then BOOM pounds and fat melt off pretty quickly. Here's the deal though, you gotta be in THAT triad zone. And for a female, that's a level where you enter screwing with your actually cycle levels.

Regardless, I have gained 5 pounds since the contest, do I look it? Honestly no. I feel more filled in and better muscle definition in now, I felt pretty flat towards the end of the day of the contest with next to little or no water, fat or any other basic foods that I had to stop giving my body to make sure it didn't suck the muscle out of me. Have I learned from this experience? Yes, next time I will eat a little bit differently. But I need to understand, that the levels where I was at are not anything that can be kept year round, just is not healthy at all. I was weak, loss of energy and my mental capacity was at a all time low. It sucked. I love my body where it is, I hate being too skinny and I hate being too weak. I need the energy for my two jobs, taking care of people and everything else in my life. And for that you need food and the true workouts that my body is truly used to. Lifting heavy. Its quite funny in most sports arenas, you go into the ring with the best package and MOST strong and in bodybuildling you pretty much bring it down and show up very weak, looking like a hungry Ethiopian. Its just a funny outlook to see, its a learning experience, lots of fun and ran into a lot of great people.