Monday, November 9, 2015

Peak Week. Feeling Weak.

Well its here. Whether you know it is or not, your suddenly just eating chicken and asparagus, while you water consumption has reached well over a gallon a day. Going out makes for a comical time, since trying to explain how you want food prepared, makes it pretty much not worth it and you just eat home all the time. You cannot do anything you want, your constantly asking how certain things are made and asking if it can be made "healthier". I like to live a life of a healthy balance normally, but I found in order to be in full control as I am you need to have a strong mind. Which is easier said than done.

Work outs are easy, staying active, cardio, but diet is single handed can be the most difficult portion. There is just so much awesome food out there. And I truly miss pizza and cookies smile emoticon I can't wait to start lifting heavy again, building back up, and getting my "ass" back where it needs to be. Feeling weak with a strict diet is emotional draining and physically test of wills. I have literally no cognitive mental capacity this week, so I am hoping things don't get too stressful and do taxing, since I can't handle anything too great. Brain needs carbs and fats, its just that simple. At this point I am dumber than a monkey and weak as hell. I hate that feeling. Sure I have abs--but at what cost?
So next time you look at those ads and magazines of those perfect abs are you willing to give up your diet for 6 months and confine it to a certain food groups. Takes time, patience, proper planning. Sure I will do it again, since I like this sorta experiment. For anyone saying I am too small for my contest prep, they can simply go to hell, since I will be back to my old self in a few weeks with enough muscle to rock and roll- them off a cliff. And of course more blog posts, about the negative impact of body image. I have further more broke all my nails this week from all sorts of stress between trying to maintain my lifestyle around this prep. My two jobs, animals, work training (studying for a MAJOR test certification for work) and my friends/family. Through this whole thing I had to deal with death, within the family, nieces in/out of the hospital (which truly sucks!) and still being able to stick to my workouts--as well as prepping my food.

Takes real mental power to do this. I know not everyone can do this, but I am not your normal chick by any means.