Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A tell all.

I been pondering a lot lately. And I feel I have a lot to offer the world, especially my story and my future generation. There is a lot that is hidden from my audience at this time and I feel its got to come out. I was considering having some come out in around 17--18 years but, considering this is the time for things to come out, I am starting to write two books. One is for my nieces and a special little girl in my life, as well as a book surrounding my life. I have a lot of passion in my life, and there have been a lot of hurtful people that have tried to bring me down, especially on the internet. There are a lot of assholes out there and those people are very miserable people no matter what position they are in life. As for me, I am going to share it all and with that, I will have truly have nothing to hide, since I have nothing to be ashamed of at the end of the day. I am proud of whom I am and have never lied, although others around me have and walked away, which is their decision, but I can no longer keep completely quiet. Things will come out eventually and especially with a special life in this world that is on my side, there will be questions and I would like everything to be documented for her.
Life is a complicated thing, and there are no books on this, or even what to do. I am taking the bull my the horns and taking care of it on my own. I am not a sheep, I am a Lion. I don't need any one in my life or anyone's hold on me. I guess in a sense I am glad that certain people walked out on us, regardless one day some of these people will see what they have done and by then it will be too late. Life has a funny way on turning back around and the truth will always come out, its just that easy. And any strong willed person could see that. Until then, always go with your heart. Certain things will always come first and life--is a beautiful thing, especially ones that have been created out of craziness.