Friday, November 13, 2015

#1 Day out.

One day out. Yes its TOMORROW. Not to mention the diet has put my body into hyper drive. I am eating literally 8-9 times a day, and I have already drank a gallon of water already and its not even 1 pm. So as you could guessed I am running around stuff as hell and not venturing too far from the bathroom. My bag is packed, ready to do this. As I wake up daily this week I have noticed changes daily, from the high carb days, low and no carbs and back to recycling back to high carb days. Pretty amazing stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow and any drama, or negativity can flake off. Already had to deal with some crazy whackadoo family member, which will remain nameless that was telling me I was doing something completely crazy. Thanks, you could of waited until next week darling huh? Gotta love people. Anywho-- eating, drinking away and resting before I head up to Boston. Wish me Luck! I will be posting pictures tomorrow throughout the day of the exciting day!!