Friday, October 23, 2015

The Strong will Survive.

There are lots of different ways to look at this. Strong physically, intellect, desire, and passion. What works to keep kicking around? Well that's a tough one. I would like to say that the strongest will win, but without a healthy aspect of physical condition with some sort of intelligence, you don't have a chance. (Or at least if your with someone to make you rise above and survive.)

If you look back to a century ago, if you were not watching out you probably did not make it. No one was going to watch out for you. If you got ill, you died. If you didn't eat well you died. There was not anything they could do, it was just simple. If you weren't smart enough to take care of yourself, your surroundings you would be dead. Hospitals were few and far between, medicine was something only for the very rich, and child birth most of the time meant something close to a death sentence due to be bleeding out or other complexity issues. (Remember it was not until modern days society, birth was even become safe.and in the US--we still have the highest death rate for their birth rates.) Not to mention issues with babies, there wasn't any special medicine or procedures. People knew, strong survived and in that way of living that baby would not live if there were any issues, it was just that simple. Have we become a society of slowly becoming more weak? Are we less intelligent? Are we less healthy than we were prior? Well when we first set on this earth now, we are brought into the mix either some medical procedure of some sort, whether monitoring or even some form of extra care in order to make sure some form of our development is continued. Would we have done this century ago? No, we wouldn't. We would not have blinked, smudged, sure frowned and been sad, but lets face it if you were not going to be any worthwhile to the family or the world in some way on the farm, you were just going to be a hindrance to humanity as a whole.

Mind you I am not saying or suggesting in anyway or shape, that we should kill humans, but do we make the human race weak by maybe crossing that line and trying to push life on creatures, especially when they might not meant for this world. Its a harsh reality, but in many societies and other countries its still pretty much life or death situation. And the strong survive. Genes, health, strength and how you use your survival skills keeps you alive. How do we actually use any of these things as Americans? Not that much, we tend to struggle with health at times, blame genetics and hopefully take a magic pill or whatever magic cure a doctor, (which is not even that much better, since these drugs have harsh symptoms than most regular illness that are out there..)

What do you choose? How do you view it? Strong will survive? The weak were meant to die? There are so many ways to view this. I tend to disagree with many of the modern technologies and modern health procedures. Most illness and diseases that are out there are self afflicted. The drugs to heal the body by modern medicine, make someone worse. You never heard of anyone getting sick of eating a healthy, with a well balanced meal plan covering veggies, fruits, lean proteins and very minimal sugars. You cannot beat a bad diet. You cannot beat this at all. If you skinny and you still eat poorly, you are unhealthy and whether your able to see that your insides say different and for your future offspring you will cast off a poor gene pool of that. This is how we start to weaken the gene pool. This is how we make human kind weaker. Think of poor breeding with animals? Its the same thing. We all have the power to change our genes. We have the power to make it different for our own gene pools, our own family.

In the wild its the strong, smartest and the healthiest animals that survive. Not the ones that are too skinny or overweight, that are slower. Its just that simple. Nature is just that simple. And as far as how much we have meddled and completely messed up our human race gene pool, I am not sure on the full negative affects, but as I see more kids born into a medical environment, and therefore continue on with other medical conditions throughout life, this truly makes me think what we are doing to the humankind as a whole. We did not have this issues generations ago. Before the crazy procedures, medicines that can cause ill affects to organs or even cause death and other processed foods which can cause other self inflicted issues. So-- in our culture do the strong survive? Sure they do. But unlike the wild kingdom we allow for the weak to continue living. Should we? I'm sure its a force completely against nature. Regardless it doesn't matter, unless we actually do something about it. Start living healthier so we can have a stronger, smarter tomorrow that would be the first step. Until then, we are just merely sheep caught up in a trap a struggle between the strong taking care of the weak.