Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepping for Travel

There's so many ways to prep for travel, whether your going to be researching where your staying or even bringing your meals. It doesn't have to be over complicated. Just bring your good eating along with you and your guidelines and it will allow you to stay on path. Don't believe me? Well it can be that easy. Just takes proper prep. Knowing the area your in and understanding what types of foods you should limit. Also--keep in mind how much movement you will be doing. Activity levels is huge dependent on your level you will be doing or not-- whether you will go low carbs or a heavy carb day. These things should all be taken into account.

Step 1 Research the area of foods. 1: Will you be staying in a hotel with a kitchen or at least some form of microwave and fridge? These types of things can open up a few options. For example-- is you are staying in a place with a kitchen, which frankly is my favorite type since I can save money, and as well as save my gut from horrible food around me and stay on track; you can just hit the local grocery store pick up a few things. Eggs, almond milk, cinnamon, few different spices, chicken, and other lean proteins. Obviously pick a few other things, fruits, veggies, yogurt, and throw in some oats, then your pretty much good to go.

When I used to travel quite often for work, I had an awesome coworker that pretty much know my diet pretty well, he get all these essentials and have them ready in our work fridge or hotel fridge, it was pretty perfect. We both ate healthy and there was no issues. 2--Obviously if you don't have a hotel kitchen, you go to the next best thing. Premade foods. Prep chicken prior going on your trip, ground chicken/turkey or lean beef. Pick up a rottassaire chicken, yogurt, oats, precut fruit, and steam-able veggies and rice. Regardless of what you get on your trip, kitchen or no kitchen you can fit it in. There shouldn't be any reason for you to go off course especially if you properly prepare.

Step 2- Pack your pre-cooked whatever or other seasonings (low sodium) or whatever else you want to season your foods, as well as some Tupperware containers. Step 3-- RESEARCH AREA of placse to eat at. Yes you know you will do it while away, whether work trip, pleasure, whatever, meet up gathering with some weekend away what have you, does it matter? You need to stay healthy. Personally I want to keep my abs and not revert to my fat nor my too skinny self, so I will go overboard with making sure these things are in place. I am sure some people will see this as being anal. But the results are in the pudding. I get the results I want. You just have to be consistent at all times. Simple as that. You stay on course all the time, don't allow for cheat days and allow for "cheat snacks or meals..". And with travelling you sorta have to compromise certain things, and for me prepping ahead of time just makes the most sense so I don't mess up. Or after a day working a 15 hour day- I don't eat some crappy food with a coworker, its just too easy. I don't want easy. Abs aren't made with pizza or nasty ass taco bell.

Step 4- For meals you know you are going to cheat, low carb it right after that meal or snack, or go NO CARB. Yes it will even out. Stay active, stay healthy and keep moving. Never keep a dull moment and you will not gain any crazy weight or bring home an extra spare love handle on your waist line.

So-- to my readers enjoy your time whatever your doing, but in reason. Health doesn't get a holiday, nor does diabetics, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Stay balanced, stay in control. And if you with someone push them to stay on that course together, since when you have someone else accountable its can be that much more enjoyable.