Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food ... Hippocrates

Its funny with this transformation I am suddenly not the "norm". But really how did the norm become its okay to eat all this processed and sugary food. Eating lots of veggies a day and lean protein, is abnormal? Well its really what our body was designed for. Sure I had my headaches since I was removing certain things from my diet, but in reality those things weren't meant to be in my body anyway.

If more people looked at food this way, as a way to heal there probably less issues especially in a country where there are so many issues with a relationship with food. And in theory food is for one thing to provide nutrition to the body and that's it, not a way to entertain ourselves.Your body can work in a pretty amazing way, but just as a car you provide it with not the correct nutrition, your bound for a break down.

Worry less about the weight, worry about those macros put in that mouth. Put down the chunky monkies and the fried whatever balls and think to yourself? Will this help my diet, how does it fit in? Add to the list if you have kids, are you a good example? Are you creating a future problem? Think about that. What you do on a regular basis is an example for future generations, have a good diet, eat well, and have a good balance. Live life sure. But over do it? Nope. I'm a good role model and for my little nieces and whatever little rugrats see me--I want them to see what I eat. There is another way to do it. The body needs fresh veggies, fruit and lean proteins. Just the way it is. Sugary and processed have no true source in our bodies.

So as I go through this massive experiment on my body, sure most will think this is intense but really how much food do you eat that you truly don't need? How much food are you eating that isn't even from the earth? Have you calculated what your body truly needs? Most people have not. By unlocking this massive code in my body I am able to see other attributes of foods I have never even imagine, with this hope to help others in the future. Hopefully that will ensure other generations and create healthy relationships with food.