Sunday, October 25, 2015

Keeping on Course during Work Travel

So, you gotta travel for work. O Crap, what is one to do? Don't fret you have this. Proper prep can ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals, as well as stay on track with your diet and still allow some wiggle room to enjoy a treat here there. Why not right? Especially if business is paying.

First of all do some meal prep prior. I am not talking full boar crazy like your Sunday meal preps at home, I am talking something easy. I pack this cooked foods either in a zipper lock bag or Tupperware containers. I bring a few extras with some plastic silverware, as well with some plain mustard. Ground Turkey, Chicken Lean Patties, Grilled chicken, Tuna Packets, Protein Packets and when you get to your destination pick up some microwaveable veggies, or some broccoli slaw in order to have a nice side to add. I am not saying you have to prep all your meals, but this knocks out majority of the meals on the go and allows you to worry about the task at hand. Work. Since lets face it when your out on work, you just can't leave a facility or a warehouse, at times your there for 12 + hours and having some form of food on me has helped me in a pinch.

Most hotels I stay at usually have a free breakfast, I will ask for egg whites or plain oatmeal ( with no sugar or milk ). For any other side meals you might take on you just choose wisely. Order plain saddles with veggies with either grilled chicken or fish or lean steak--with dry seasonings. Make sure you specify this or you will soon find out that your protein was cooked in butter or some other high calories, fatty oil.

Things don't have to be complicated. You know what you need to do, you know what you need to avoid. Any fast food I will just stay away from, since I know I will get sick in some fashion and being sick on a work trip just isn't very fun.

With your food prep ready to go for your trip, protein powder, supplements and coffee in hand, your ready to go. Eat Healthy. There are healthy options everywhere you look, you just need to ask and you will get them. Its just that simple.