Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Escaping the toxic trap

As a person that is truly into health inside and out-- I see it quite often toxicity of a situation, whether its mental or physical. I see how people send off these toxic vibes for either, whether its to their parents or to themselves. Which in itself is even a worse situation to be in. Nothing worse than impending toxins to your own-self and not taking ownership of your own actions.

I was raised in a very loving situation, two loving parents, been together for over 45 years together, rarely fight and work together in every aspect of life. Both worked together, my mom cleaned, cooked, baked, you name it she did and my dad worked 2 jobs to provide for his family. Pretty amazing right? So I tend to hold things to this kind of standard. Is it wrong? I don't believe so, things are not that complicated, they shouldn't be that crazy or should need to have to work too much to make it work...if you do then its not worth doing. I truly try not to be judgmental on certain aspects, but really there are parts of life that shouldn't be miserable or difficult. Life should just work, relationships shouldn't be a struggle and there shouldn't be legal brought into such lifestyles.

Sound like you? Sound like someone you know? Husband and wife, or gf or bf, etc, fight in day in or day out, over EVERYTHING. Yup, that's toxic. I hear the stories, I been married for 17 something years since high school, so what? You been miserable. I'm glad you will spend the rest of your life trapped, in misery and dragging anyone around you in the same way, including your children. Personally this is no way to live. Its unhealthy. Things should just work and as a health perspective its toxic which can hinder other parts of your life and impend into your family life, especially if you have children. Remember those little eyes you think that might know, do know and one day that could affect them in terrible manner.

Negative attitudes. Hostile environments. If that's how you want to live until the day you die, go for it. I rather be single than have to answer to some bitchy spouse or someone that has no self worth that doesn't take care of themselves. Personally, taking personal responsibility for my life and those that look up to me is a huge deal. I only hope the best for friends and family. I hope people would jump out of a toxic situation rather keep going back to the craziness, just because they feel that its comfortable. Just like my parents and my grandparents before them, they were very happy. Lived life to the fullest, worked hard and truly wanted us. It was not complicated, it was not something they had to work too hard for and they were no crazy outbursts at anytime or cops brought in. I would know ;) I was a very nosy child that had to know what was going on at all times. I tend not to feel sorry for people stuck, they allow the situation to continue. For me anyone, I would never allow such behavior to ever occur. I don't need anyone to feel whole and if I wanted something I get it, its just that simple.

Cheers to anyone else with a different opinion but, since this is my blog its my opinion. What I do feel sorry for is those poor kids raised in those sorry situations, being tossed around which didn't asked to be brought onto this earth. Regardless I ramble on. Stay well. Stay positive and leave any situation that affects your life negatively. Hurts your health or anyone around you which you truly care about, including your kids.