Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#3weeks out from NPC

Okay-- this s$it truly got real. Okay really? 3 weeks out you finally realize this? Nope. At 7 weeks, when I had to start this crazy train diet and extra 2 a day workouts that's when it became an investment. It became a relationship..well more than that, my coach owned me, and I had to start writing down everything I ate, drank, as well as all activity levels. And I mean ALL ACTIVITY levels. Yes this includes all cardio, monkey activities and sexual activities. Weekly measurements started and I had to hop on the scale. Yes--that's the device that tells you how much you weigh. That's the device I told you NOT TO LOOK AT, since its total BS. It I still believe so. From March I was around 18% BF.

June I was 16% And now, I am 12%. Yes 12%-- this is probably the least amount of body fat I have had ever which is pretty crazy to me. Just think of this average female in the US is around 28-32%-- and healthy is 25%. So yea 12% is very low. Its not something that you can just do. Careful planning, timed workouts and diets changed. Also, avoiding most restaurants or going out with friends (drinking)--helps a lot as well. I just did not go out, I hit the gym, prepped meals, walked my dog on the beach, hung with my horses and hung out with people that were positive influences in my life. Anyone that did not get it, I cut out. It is just that simple. I start to hear it now, "your too skinny.." Why not-- "your working really hard, GREAT JOB". At times its can be hard, since you go between carb and no carb days. Its not like I don't work, so I work long days including weekends, have other jobs I go to and still have to deal with family, friends, animals and my WORKOUTS. Tempers can flare, energy is lacking and many times you just stop caring about other things, since the mental capacity has reached its maximum limit. What have I learned in the last 6 months until now? Well, I am stronger than I thought. Sure, lifting weight is pretty bad ass and I can pretty much get my body in anyway I can but truly following a diet outside of the gym, and staying with it is something that most people just cannot do. Might I add, to do it completely natural too. (homegirl don't mess around with anything extra other than her basic supplements and vitamins).

I know where I have started, I know where I need to continue. Pretty much I know my strength inside and out. Mental strength is what gets me out of all the things I need to get through and the physical aspect is just on portion. Diet, workouts, relearning how to walk in heels, looking at myself in the tiniest of bikini's (which I gotta say is not a NORMAL thing at all). I will have to write more about that one, its not like me as a Northeastern I would wear one ever, and if so its under a wetsuit. Its a lot to get over. Your standing in front of your coach allowing them to critique you. Show you flaws, which most people would never see. Never complain about. Every wrinkle, bubble, stretch marks, scar, fat, you name it. Doesn't matter how SKINNY you are, there are things that are going on. I have scars from previous surgeries on my stomach, my face, my shoulders..I have stretch marks on my outside of my legs. Most people wouldn't see these, hell my ex's used to say they liked them. I guess to me that was crazy talk, but regardless these things are brought up especially in a competition world. So 3 weeks to go over walking, getting leaner, eating well, breaking up my diet even further to get a perfect physique that I can get. Its not about competing what other girls have, its about what I can achieve. No one else is me, no one else has my frame. I intend to do the very best as I draw closer to my goal. I'm excited to see the results, if anything I have learned more about myself in the process than I ever have and with that I am truly grateful.