Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#3weeks out from NPC

Okay-- this s$it truly got real. Okay really? 3 weeks out you finally realize this? Nope. At 7 weeks, when I had to start this crazy train diet and extra 2 a day workouts that's when it became an investment. It became a relationship..well more than that, my coach owned me, and I had to start writing down everything I ate, drank, as well as all activity levels. And I mean ALL ACTIVITY levels. Yes this includes all cardio, monkey activities and sexual activities. Weekly measurements started and I had to hop on the scale. Yes--that's the device that tells you how much you weigh. That's the device I told you NOT TO LOOK AT, since its total BS. It I still believe so. From March I was around 18% BF.

June I was 16% And now, I am 12%. Yes 12%-- this is probably the least amount of body fat I have had ever which is pretty crazy to me. Just think of this average female in the US is around 28-32%-- and healthy is 25%. So yea 12% is very low. Its not something that you can just do. Careful planning, timed workouts and diets changed. Also, avoiding most restaurants or going out with friends (drinking)--helps a lot as well. I just did not go out, I hit the gym, prepped meals, walked my dog on the beach, hung with my horses and hung out with people that were positive influences in my life. Anyone that did not get it, I cut out. It is just that simple. I start to hear it now, "your too skinny.." Why not-- "your working really hard, GREAT JOB". At times its can be hard, since you go between carb and no carb days. Its not like I don't work, so I work long days including weekends, have other jobs I go to and still have to deal with family, friends, animals and my WORKOUTS. Tempers can flare, energy is lacking and many times you just stop caring about other things, since the mental capacity has reached its maximum limit. What have I learned in the last 6 months until now? Well, I am stronger than I thought. Sure, lifting weight is pretty bad ass and I can pretty much get my body in anyway I can but truly following a diet outside of the gym, and staying with it is something that most people just cannot do. Might I add, to do it completely natural too. (homegirl don't mess around with anything extra other than her basic supplements and vitamins).

I know where I have started, I know where I need to continue. Pretty much I know my strength inside and out. Mental strength is what gets me out of all the things I need to get through and the physical aspect is just on portion. Diet, workouts, relearning how to walk in heels, looking at myself in the tiniest of bikini's (which I gotta say is not a NORMAL thing at all). I will have to write more about that one, its not like me as a Northeastern I would wear one ever, and if so its under a wetsuit. Its a lot to get over. Your standing in front of your coach allowing them to critique you. Show you flaws, which most people would never see. Never complain about. Every wrinkle, bubble, stretch marks, scar, fat, you name it. Doesn't matter how SKINNY you are, there are things that are going on. I have scars from previous surgeries on my stomach, my face, my shoulders..I have stretch marks on my outside of my legs. Most people wouldn't see these, hell my ex's used to say they liked them. I guess to me that was crazy talk, but regardless these things are brought up especially in a competition world. So 3 weeks to go over walking, getting leaner, eating well, breaking up my diet even further to get a perfect physique that I can get. Its not about competing what other girls have, its about what I can achieve. No one else is me, no one else has my frame. I intend to do the very best as I draw closer to my goal. I'm excited to see the results, if anything I have learned more about myself in the process than I ever have and with that I am truly grateful.

Prepping for Travel

There's so many ways to prep for travel, whether your going to be researching where your staying or even bringing your meals. It doesn't have to be over complicated. Just bring your good eating along with you and your guidelines and it will allow you to stay on path. Don't believe me? Well it can be that easy. Just takes proper prep. Knowing the area your in and understanding what types of foods you should limit. Also--keep in mind how much movement you will be doing. Activity levels is huge dependent on your level you will be doing or not-- whether you will go low carbs or a heavy carb day. These things should all be taken into account.

Step 1 Research the area of foods. 1: Will you be staying in a hotel with a kitchen or at least some form of microwave and fridge? These types of things can open up a few options. For example-- is you are staying in a place with a kitchen, which frankly is my favorite type since I can save money, and as well as save my gut from horrible food around me and stay on track; you can just hit the local grocery store pick up a few things. Eggs, almond milk, cinnamon, few different spices, chicken, and other lean proteins. Obviously pick a few other things, fruits, veggies, yogurt, and throw in some oats, then your pretty much good to go.

When I used to travel quite often for work, I had an awesome coworker that pretty much know my diet pretty well, he get all these essentials and have them ready in our work fridge or hotel fridge, it was pretty perfect. We both ate healthy and there was no issues. 2--Obviously if you don't have a hotel kitchen, you go to the next best thing. Premade foods. Prep chicken prior going on your trip, ground chicken/turkey or lean beef. Pick up a rottassaire chicken, yogurt, oats, precut fruit, and steam-able veggies and rice. Regardless of what you get on your trip, kitchen or no kitchen you can fit it in. There shouldn't be any reason for you to go off course especially if you properly prepare.

Step 2- Pack your pre-cooked whatever or other seasonings (low sodium) or whatever else you want to season your foods, as well as some Tupperware containers. Step 3-- RESEARCH AREA of placse to eat at. Yes you know you will do it while away, whether work trip, pleasure, whatever, meet up gathering with some weekend away what have you, does it matter? You need to stay healthy. Personally I want to keep my abs and not revert to my fat nor my too skinny self, so I will go overboard with making sure these things are in place. I am sure some people will see this as being anal. But the results are in the pudding. I get the results I want. You just have to be consistent at all times. Simple as that. You stay on course all the time, don't allow for cheat days and allow for "cheat snacks or meals..". And with travelling you sorta have to compromise certain things, and for me prepping ahead of time just makes the most sense so I don't mess up. Or after a day working a 15 hour day- I don't eat some crappy food with a coworker, its just too easy. I don't want easy. Abs aren't made with pizza or nasty ass taco bell.

Step 4- For meals you know you are going to cheat, low carb it right after that meal or snack, or go NO CARB. Yes it will even out. Stay active, stay healthy and keep moving. Never keep a dull moment and you will not gain any crazy weight or bring home an extra spare love handle on your waist line.

So-- to my readers enjoy your time whatever your doing, but in reason. Health doesn't get a holiday, nor does diabetics, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Stay balanced, stay in control. And if you with someone push them to stay on that course together, since when you have someone else accountable its can be that much more enjoyable.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Keeping on Course during Work Travel

So, you gotta travel for work. O Crap, what is one to do? Don't fret you have this. Proper prep can ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals, as well as stay on track with your diet and still allow some wiggle room to enjoy a treat here there. Why not right? Especially if business is paying.

First of all do some meal prep prior. I am not talking full boar crazy like your Sunday meal preps at home, I am talking something easy. I pack this cooked foods either in a zipper lock bag or Tupperware containers. I bring a few extras with some plastic silverware, as well with some plain mustard. Ground Turkey, Chicken Lean Patties, Grilled chicken, Tuna Packets, Protein Packets and when you get to your destination pick up some microwaveable veggies, or some broccoli slaw in order to have a nice side to add. I am not saying you have to prep all your meals, but this knocks out majority of the meals on the go and allows you to worry about the task at hand. Work. Since lets face it when your out on work, you just can't leave a facility or a warehouse, at times your there for 12 + hours and having some form of food on me has helped me in a pinch.

Most hotels I stay at usually have a free breakfast, I will ask for egg whites or plain oatmeal ( with no sugar or milk ). For any other side meals you might take on you just choose wisely. Order plain saddles with veggies with either grilled chicken or fish or lean steak--with dry seasonings. Make sure you specify this or you will soon find out that your protein was cooked in butter or some other high calories, fatty oil.

Things don't have to be complicated. You know what you need to do, you know what you need to avoid. Any fast food I will just stay away from, since I know I will get sick in some fashion and being sick on a work trip just isn't very fun.

With your food prep ready to go for your trip, protein powder, supplements and coffee in hand, your ready to go. Eat Healthy. There are healthy options everywhere you look, you just need to ask and you will get them. Its just that simple.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Strong will Survive.

There are lots of different ways to look at this. Strong physically, intellect, desire, and passion. What works to keep kicking around? Well that's a tough one. I would like to say that the strongest will win, but without a healthy aspect of physical condition with some sort of intelligence, you don't have a chance. (Or at least if your with someone to make you rise above and survive.)

If you look back to a century ago, if you were not watching out you probably did not make it. No one was going to watch out for you. If you got ill, you died. If you didn't eat well you died. There was not anything they could do, it was just simple. If you weren't smart enough to take care of yourself, your surroundings you would be dead. Hospitals were few and far between, medicine was something only for the very rich, and child birth most of the time meant something close to a death sentence due to be bleeding out or other complexity issues. (Remember it was not until modern days society, birth was even become safe.and in the US--we still have the highest death rate for their birth rates.) Not to mention issues with babies, there wasn't any special medicine or procedures. People knew, strong survived and in that way of living that baby would not live if there were any issues, it was just that simple. Have we become a society of slowly becoming more weak? Are we less intelligent? Are we less healthy than we were prior? Well when we first set on this earth now, we are brought into the mix either some medical procedure of some sort, whether monitoring or even some form of extra care in order to make sure some form of our development is continued. Would we have done this century ago? No, we wouldn't. We would not have blinked, smudged, sure frowned and been sad, but lets face it if you were not going to be any worthwhile to the family or the world in some way on the farm, you were just going to be a hindrance to humanity as a whole.

Mind you I am not saying or suggesting in anyway or shape, that we should kill humans, but do we make the human race weak by maybe crossing that line and trying to push life on creatures, especially when they might not meant for this world. Its a harsh reality, but in many societies and other countries its still pretty much life or death situation. And the strong survive. Genes, health, strength and how you use your survival skills keeps you alive. How do we actually use any of these things as Americans? Not that much, we tend to struggle with health at times, blame genetics and hopefully take a magic pill or whatever magic cure a doctor, (which is not even that much better, since these drugs have harsh symptoms than most regular illness that are out there..)

What do you choose? How do you view it? Strong will survive? The weak were meant to die? There are so many ways to view this. I tend to disagree with many of the modern technologies and modern health procedures. Most illness and diseases that are out there are self afflicted. The drugs to heal the body by modern medicine, make someone worse. You never heard of anyone getting sick of eating a healthy, with a well balanced meal plan covering veggies, fruits, lean proteins and very minimal sugars. You cannot beat a bad diet. You cannot beat this at all. If you skinny and you still eat poorly, you are unhealthy and whether your able to see that your insides say different and for your future offspring you will cast off a poor gene pool of that. This is how we start to weaken the gene pool. This is how we make human kind weaker. Think of poor breeding with animals? Its the same thing. We all have the power to change our genes. We have the power to make it different for our own gene pools, our own family.

In the wild its the strong, smartest and the healthiest animals that survive. Not the ones that are too skinny or overweight, that are slower. Its just that simple. Nature is just that simple. And as far as how much we have meddled and completely messed up our human race gene pool, I am not sure on the full negative affects, but as I see more kids born into a medical environment, and therefore continue on with other medical conditions throughout life, this truly makes me think what we are doing to the humankind as a whole. We did not have this issues generations ago. Before the crazy procedures, medicines that can cause ill affects to organs or even cause death and other processed foods which can cause other self inflicted issues. So-- in our culture do the strong survive? Sure they do. But unlike the wild kingdom we allow for the weak to continue living. Should we? I'm sure its a force completely against nature. Regardless it doesn't matter, unless we actually do something about it. Start living healthier so we can have a stronger, smarter tomorrow that would be the first step. Until then, we are just merely sheep caught up in a trap a struggle between the strong taking care of the weak.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Escaping the toxic trap

As a person that is truly into health inside and out-- I see it quite often toxicity of a situation, whether its mental or physical. I see how people send off these toxic vibes for either, whether its to their parents or to themselves. Which in itself is even a worse situation to be in. Nothing worse than impending toxins to your own-self and not taking ownership of your own actions.

I was raised in a very loving situation, two loving parents, been together for over 45 years together, rarely fight and work together in every aspect of life. Both worked together, my mom cleaned, cooked, baked, you name it she did and my dad worked 2 jobs to provide for his family. Pretty amazing right? So I tend to hold things to this kind of standard. Is it wrong? I don't believe so, things are not that complicated, they shouldn't be that crazy or should need to have to work too much to make it work...if you do then its not worth doing. I truly try not to be judgmental on certain aspects, but really there are parts of life that shouldn't be miserable or difficult. Life should just work, relationships shouldn't be a struggle and there shouldn't be legal brought into such lifestyles.

Sound like you? Sound like someone you know? Husband and wife, or gf or bf, etc, fight in day in or day out, over EVERYTHING. Yup, that's toxic. I hear the stories, I been married for 17 something years since high school, so what? You been miserable. I'm glad you will spend the rest of your life trapped, in misery and dragging anyone around you in the same way, including your children. Personally this is no way to live. Its unhealthy. Things should just work and as a health perspective its toxic which can hinder other parts of your life and impend into your family life, especially if you have children. Remember those little eyes you think that might know, do know and one day that could affect them in terrible manner.

Negative attitudes. Hostile environments. If that's how you want to live until the day you die, go for it. I rather be single than have to answer to some bitchy spouse or someone that has no self worth that doesn't take care of themselves. Personally, taking personal responsibility for my life and those that look up to me is a huge deal. I only hope the best for friends and family. I hope people would jump out of a toxic situation rather keep going back to the craziness, just because they feel that its comfortable. Just like my parents and my grandparents before them, they were very happy. Lived life to the fullest, worked hard and truly wanted us. It was not complicated, it was not something they had to work too hard for and they were no crazy outbursts at anytime or cops brought in. I would know ;) I was a very nosy child that had to know what was going on at all times. I tend not to feel sorry for people stuck, they allow the situation to continue. For me anyone, I would never allow such behavior to ever occur. I don't need anyone to feel whole and if I wanted something I get it, its just that simple.

Cheers to anyone else with a different opinion but, since this is my blog its my opinion. What I do feel sorry for is those poor kids raised in those sorry situations, being tossed around which didn't asked to be brought onto this earth. Regardless I ramble on. Stay well. Stay positive and leave any situation that affects your life negatively. Hurts your health or anyone around you which you truly care about, including your kids.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food ... Hippocrates

Its funny with this transformation I am suddenly not the "norm". But really how did the norm become its okay to eat all this processed and sugary food. Eating lots of veggies a day and lean protein, is abnormal? Well its really what our body was designed for. Sure I had my headaches since I was removing certain things from my diet, but in reality those things weren't meant to be in my body anyway.

If more people looked at food this way, as a way to heal there probably less issues especially in a country where there are so many issues with a relationship with food. And in theory food is for one thing to provide nutrition to the body and that's it, not a way to entertain ourselves.Your body can work in a pretty amazing way, but just as a car you provide it with not the correct nutrition, your bound for a break down.

Worry less about the weight, worry about those macros put in that mouth. Put down the chunky monkies and the fried whatever balls and think to yourself? Will this help my diet, how does it fit in? Add to the list if you have kids, are you a good example? Are you creating a future problem? Think about that. What you do on a regular basis is an example for future generations, have a good diet, eat well, and have a good balance. Live life sure. But over do it? Nope. I'm a good role model and for my little nieces and whatever little rugrats see me--I want them to see what I eat. There is another way to do it. The body needs fresh veggies, fruit and lean proteins. Just the way it is. Sugary and processed have no true source in our bodies.

So as I go through this massive experiment on my body, sure most will think this is intense but really how much food do you eat that you truly don't need? How much food are you eating that isn't even from the earth? Have you calculated what your body truly needs? Most people have not. By unlocking this massive code in my body I am able to see other attributes of foods I have never even imagine, with this hope to help others in the future. Hopefully that will ensure other generations and create healthy relationships with food.