Monday, August 10, 2015

Leaning out. Cutting the Fat and Cutting the Bull.

Getting closer to my competition. Starting to get shredded. Lets do this. This is not easy, F No. There are no magic training programs, no secrets, and no magic pills. You have to do the work, its just that simple. HOURS some days just to get the GOAL in.

There are no late night bar trips after work and hanging around eating pizza once I am completely in the game. Takes a lot of commitment and lots of environmental factors you need to overcome.

I will be maintaining my muscle and bringing down my fat % almost in half. Blood work will be taken to keep the health in check to confirm where I am and how much I need to watch. All and all the end of the day its trying to approach the most perfect physique which is underneath. Over the last year I have prepared, I have my supplements ready, food on point and increased my muscle, since I knew I would cut/lean out around this time. Since you need to have the muscle on point before you lean out your fat.

Ready set go. Excited. Time commitment is major, HOURS of preparation. Nutrition is key. Prepare to succeed or prepare to fail. There is no middle ground for this. Mental and commitment is #1 factor.

This is my tipping point. You want amazing results? You can do it. If you have the mental focus you can achieve this, remember the GYM is the easiest part, the rest is controlling your environment and not allowing it to CONTROL you. Here's to my new goals and everyone kicking their GOALS! You can do it and for any of the haters, watch this its going to be pretty amazing ride.

You want this get it! :)