Monday, August 17, 2015

Emotional Eating. Check it.

There are so many reasons why any of us will over eat or even over indulge. I won't say don't have that amazingly delicious cookie or maybe gram's classic cheese cake..but there is one thing you always have to consider. Moderation. Sure have it, but know when to stop. The food you eat daily is your diet. Don't think of it as restricting, but how you eat DAILY. That's the issue with most people with that word.

1. Recognize your patterns (mindfulness)
2. Track your food
3. Make a plan (instead of chocolate try some grapes)
4. Find other things that make you happy - stay in the positive and avoid the negative.
5. Fill the void - jobs, hobbies, clubs, journal, takes walks, longer workouts, PREP MEALS!! etc.

Stay busy. Keep your mind in check and your body. The rest is pretty simple.