Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Denver Passed his Therapy Dog Test!!

I take great pride in everything I do. Taking a rescue, little more than 8 months old, which had some issues with strangers and other flaws and turning him into an amazing companion. A companion which that I am able to take anywhere. Lovely walks in the parks, in town, on the beach, barn, you name it. A good citizens in all situations. For anyone that has owned a dog will know it takes time to train a dog anyway, and when you take a dog on from a rescue, you take on all sorts of issues. Hence why most people will avoid and head over to the breeders to get a puppy.
About a year ago I rescued Denver. He was skinny, well underweight, lacking glimmer in his eyes and held his tail between his legs when I first met him. Its truly unfortunate that there are so many dogs that are in the same situation, but this one particular dog, Denver--this handsome fawn mutt, spoke to me. He needed me and I needed him. From there on we rescued each other. Early on I just spent time with him, trying to gain his trust. Not an easy task at first. But in time and slowly I was able to to work him.
My love of this animal, and the love he has for me is in his eyes. He listens very well to me and my commands. Perfect around my nieces and other children.
The other amazing part I can bring him anywhere with me and he is part of the family at all times. Part of the process becoming a therapy dog is taking an online class to understand certain situations which you can run into while on visitations to places like hospitals, retirement communities, public outings, and so on...The dog is test on how well they can deal with pressure, handle simple commands and basically deal with stressful situations, such as hospital situations. I remember hearing my grandmother telling me how seeing a dog in the hospital truly made her day. While thinking about this, imagining if I went to a childrens hospital, how much I would make a child's day as well. Something so simple. Pure. Two Pure and honest creatures connecting. I will not question such amazement. There is many ways to reach people. I am just proud of my Denver and for myself for pushing through. For telling everyone around me he has to be more than just a dog that has no job. I spent a lot of time training and loving him. Through this people will be able to gain even a moment of happiness even if their day might be that great.