Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Denver Passed his Therapy Dog Test!!

I take great pride in everything I do. Taking a rescue, little more than 8 months old, which had some issues with strangers and other flaws and turning him into an amazing companion. A companion which that I am able to take anywhere. Lovely walks in the parks, in town, on the beach, barn, you name it. A good citizens in all situations. For anyone that has owned a dog will know it takes time to train a dog anyway, and when you take a dog on from a rescue, you take on all sorts of issues. Hence why most people will avoid and head over to the breeders to get a puppy.
About a year ago I rescued Denver. He was skinny, well underweight, lacking glimmer in his eyes and held his tail between his legs when I first met him. Its truly unfortunate that there are so many dogs that are in the same situation, but this one particular dog, Denver--this handsome fawn mutt, spoke to me. He needed me and I needed him. From there on we rescued each other. Early on I just spent time with him, trying to gain his trust. Not an easy task at first. But in time and slowly I was able to to work him.
My love of this animal, and the love he has for me is in his eyes. He listens very well to me and my commands. Perfect around my nieces and other children.
The other amazing part I can bring him anywhere with me and he is part of the family at all times. Part of the process becoming a therapy dog is taking an online class to understand certain situations which you can run into while on visitations to places like hospitals, retirement communities, public outings, and so on...The dog is test on how well they can deal with pressure, handle simple commands and basically deal with stressful situations, such as hospital situations. I remember hearing my grandmother telling me how seeing a dog in the hospital truly made her day. While thinking about this, imagining if I went to a childrens hospital, how much I would make a child's day as well. Something so simple. Pure. Two Pure and honest creatures connecting. I will not question such amazement. There is many ways to reach people. I am just proud of my Denver and for myself for pushing through. For telling everyone around me he has to be more than just a dog that has no job. I spent a lot of time training and loving him. Through this people will be able to gain even a moment of happiness even if their day might be that great.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle in 1-2-3.

Fitness doesn't have to be overly complicated, or a daily obligation imprisonment. Start small. Nothing is built overnight and you can't push a full lifestyle change that way either. If your overweight, it will take some time. If you just had a baby? Well it took 9 months to get will take sometime to get back. Regardless of your status, you need to have patience. Take pictures and measurements. Throw out the scales. Trust me on this one..the scale can be pretty taunting, especially if your going to be lifting heavy and actually lifting within a routine, you WILL gain weight. I am not talking about unhealthy weight, but you do need to know you will gain weight, muscle does weigh more than fat. I don't know about you I rather be fit and full of muscle than, lighter weight and skinny fat any day.

For anyone starting the process, great! Congrats to you! That's the first step. The choice, you want a better life. A healthier one for you, your family and everyone around you obviously, since a healthier you is a better way to present yourself to the world. Take each day as it is. Don't worry about yesterday. This will not be easy, but the best things in life aren't easy. Everyday you wake up, make the decision though you will do better. Eat one meal better than the last. It doesn't have to be a complete overhaul. But understanding where you want to be and where you are will help you figure out what you need to do. If you want it bad enough, it won't matter, you will carry your meals everywhere and eat healthy to get better results. The best bet is to really slowly empty your cabinets of the junk and don't bring it back there. I am not saying get it once in a while, just not have it in the house tempting you. After a while it won't even be an after thought. Myself, I don't have any treats or soda. I just don't. I know what will happen to a bag of chips or a candy bar, I will eat it in a binge and feel like crap right after.

Sit less. Make it a goal you will not sit a lot throughout the day. Well you ask, well I work what do I do? Well, I am in IT and I get up whenever I need a break and at lunch exercise to some degree. Brain and body both need a break. If your home, stay off the couch, and do more. Imagine how much would get accomplished if you did.

Relax outside your home. Get outdoors as much as possible. Find a hobby, walk, run, OUTSIDE. Yes outside, you know that place that is outside your door at your home? Yes that place, that place that is not your couch as well. :)~ Lookup areas to take a great afternoon hike, or head off to the local beach/lake/river/pond/pool--this is really regional, wherever your watering hole is head there. Relaxing outside, taking in the fresh air, can help in and out.

Adjusting your workouts. Okay, so you want to be healthy? You figured out the diet sorta--(pshhh DON'T EAT CRAP- that's the secret..) Fitness end, what are you going to do for your goals? Whether it is fat loss, muscle, endurance, etc, you need to focus at hand what you want. You need a mix of certain workouts regardless in order to accomplish these goals. If your just starting out, start small, long walks, lunges here and there, squats at home. Check out some of my @ Home workouts- Listed below. Pick up some light dumbells,a yoga mat, a ball and a resistance band. No gym needed, no excuses.
Leg Workout

Back and Biceps

Chest and Triceps

Sleep. We all know that we should sleep more. I know I tend to get the worst night sleep ever, its just how I am. But you need to try to focus on getting enough sleep in order to properly allow your body to recover.

Walking. Walk MORE. Park your car far away from the store, walk around your neighborhood, walk up all stairs.. get the message? You be surprised how much this will do, but not allowing yourself to get out of NOT walking you are forcing your body to exert more energy. Stay active right?

We all tend to know what is healthy, we know what is not good for us. If you just take the step to be healthier on a daily basis, its the littel changes like this that make all the difference. By doing this you will be able to attain your fitness goals and set you up for long term results. Don't get discouraged, everyday you do today is adding onto your results. Takes notes of how you feel, your measurements and pictures. Go by how your clothes fit. How you feel. How I felt at 145 pounds was much more satifying to myself than 120 any day in my skinny fat days.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Emotional Eating. Check it.

There are so many reasons why any of us will over eat or even over indulge. I won't say don't have that amazingly delicious cookie or maybe gram's classic cheese cake..but there is one thing you always have to consider. Moderation. Sure have it, but know when to stop. The food you eat daily is your diet. Don't think of it as restricting, but how you eat DAILY. That's the issue with most people with that word.

1. Recognize your patterns (mindfulness)
2. Track your food
3. Make a plan (instead of chocolate try some grapes)
4. Find other things that make you happy - stay in the positive and avoid the negative.
5. Fill the void - jobs, hobbies, clubs, journal, takes walks, longer workouts, PREP MEALS!! etc.

Stay busy. Keep your mind in check and your body. The rest is pretty simple.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Leaning out. Cutting the Fat and Cutting the Bull.

Getting closer to my competition. Starting to get shredded. Lets do this. This is not easy, F No. There are no magic training programs, no secrets, and no magic pills. You have to do the work, its just that simple. HOURS some days just to get the GOAL in.

There are no late night bar trips after work and hanging around eating pizza once I am completely in the game. Takes a lot of commitment and lots of environmental factors you need to overcome.

I will be maintaining my muscle and bringing down my fat % almost in half. Blood work will be taken to keep the health in check to confirm where I am and how much I need to watch. All and all the end of the day its trying to approach the most perfect physique which is underneath. Over the last year I have prepared, I have my supplements ready, food on point and increased my muscle, since I knew I would cut/lean out around this time. Since you need to have the muscle on point before you lean out your fat.

Ready set go. Excited. Time commitment is major, HOURS of preparation. Nutrition is key. Prepare to succeed or prepare to fail. There is no middle ground for this. Mental and commitment is #1 factor.

This is my tipping point. You want amazing results? You can do it. If you have the mental focus you can achieve this, remember the GYM is the easiest part, the rest is controlling your environment and not allowing it to CONTROL you. Here's to my new goals and everyone kicking their GOALS! You can do it and for any of the haters, watch this its going to be pretty amazing ride.

You want this get it! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Live, Learn. Lessons Learned From Divorce.

There are so many adventures I could discuss. I could write about fitness all day, how to shape those buns of steel, how to chisel hard rock abs and pretty much any other way to stay fit. But to save my own tail, apparently I failed to save my own sanity quick enough by staying in an unhealthy situation.

I have found that there are many women and men, that are starring at the wall, pretty much pondering the same life question. “Is this really it? Why do I feel so alone..?” Regardless of your financial situation or anything like that, it doesn’t matter, towards the end of something specifically a marriage you to try to rationalize a lot. There are so many items you can try to decide you will put up with, but when it’s time to end it, you do. You break it apart. Lots of people find themselves in a pretty awful situation. Would you rather be in a terrible marriage or alone? I know for I being alone was the best decision for me regardless. I am sure it is different for everyone, but in my eyes my own sanity, my lifestyle and my health it was the best decision breaking away from a completely negative situation.

For starters money doesn’t buy happiness of any kind. Sure two working professionals can make good bank, but in reality it doesn’t provide anymore love, caring or respect on a day to day life. I know plenty of people dirt poor and are happy as a pig in shit, but two of us were never able to figure it out even though we could pretty much buy it all.

Leaving money aside looks. It sure is a good cover for a lot. Pretty face can get you only so far. You can be only so attractive, and if you add in negative qualities, you truly see how much of an ugly person you could be. How good looking are they after they are yelling, demeaning you in front of friends and family, or even blaming you? Doesn’t matter how you look at it, you can fall just as madly in love with an ugly guy that makes you feel pretty incredible, which is supportive. That alone can make them pretty attractive at the end of the day.

Money, Check, Looks Checks. Onto sex. Sure a good romp in the sack is a great thing, but its just sex if there is no meaning, no feeling or any passion. It’s just two bodies. No soul. No heart. Doesn’t matter how good you are at sex, if your partner treats you disrespectfully, it’s not worth it at all and takes away from it completely.

From time to time you can start to think about the good times and remember when. “O yea, he was great..during xyz..” But what about the time he forgot about your birthday or a holiday, or told you that you didn’t deserve a present for whatever reason for Christmas. Little things at the end of the day are what matter. I don’t need anyone being discouraging, disrespectful or insulting. You can’t change how people are and you need to accept that. We all change in some way, whether you grow together or grow apart. You have to accept this.

Another wonderful fantastic point for me anyway I had no children with my ex husband. Sure I know we tried and whatnot, but really I am so glad we don't have that kinda of attachment holding us down for the next 20 years or whatever. That would of been worse. As much as I would love to have some offspring, having kids to save a marriage or hold someone down to stay with me isn't how I want to roll or even set an example for my future kids like that. My self worth is beyond anything like that and I am far from a walking uterus for anyone. If I want a kid I will do that myself, no man needed. Mind you this is my opinion, and others can do as they want, (i'm sure they have reasons, cash, get people to stay, whatever..) but in my eyes bringing in another life into this world while you are already having problems and NOT in love with that person, is just a setup for complete disaster.
There is no amount of anything to stay in a negative situation. Alone really is not as scary. I was far more alone being married any day. You learn to deal with it all, yourself. Things may seem daunting, but like anything else you can learn. New bills, less money coming in, smaller home, whatever.. You can deal with it. You know why? Your peace of mind is worth a fortune. I could have stayed in my marriage but I choose to move on, regardless of how you decide to end it or I did it—doesn’t matter, its about your happiness, sanity, and knowing enough when to walk away. I respect myself far too much to be dragged under.