Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Future Goals

I could go on all day about the fitness goals. Of course since this is just one blog post I will try not to bore you too much. At the present time I am trying to get my personal training certificates updated and expanding my business as a whole. I truly love to help people. All kinds. Knowing someones potential when I look at their eyes gives me such joy.
Sure I am an engineer by trade, but fitness, being an athletic is something that I have true passion for and enjoy helping others reach their potential. This sorta passion drips down to my other passions obviously. My horses. I hope to one day work with children on horseback. Crazy dream huh?! I don't think so. I have two amazing nieces whom have this one amazing aunt..hmmm I wonder who I am talking about. Only 3 and 4, they are already pretty in love with horses and animals as a whole. And throughout my life watching how animals can truly help reach a child, is an amazing thing. Animals are very much like children. They have a pure heart. They love in one way. There is no holding back, its pure, honest and captivating. They have this true passion for life and ready for everything. As always us adults simply complicate life by growing up and add in unnecessary evils.
I hope to visit a few different cities throughout the US this year to help pursue my goals and reach further to explore new ideas. Hoping to check out LA, Miami, who knows where else. Hoping to get more shoots in while in these areas. Branch out of my comfort zone and truly take in and absorb these ideas. I hope to share my positive message with the world in some way, even if its in such a small manner.