Friday, July 31, 2015

Fun horse shoots!

I like to keep things interesting. I don't think of myself as a model or anything like that. And quite honestly, I am very humble and shy about certain things. I merely fell into certain things and am always shocked people want to take pictures of me. :=) And when a friend offers to take pictures of me and my most prized possessions. What can I say? Really not too much. I just can't resist. Through the course of the last few years I have met a lot of great connections and Dawn was one of these great connections. She has a lot of great ideas and very outgoing. I feel really honored she always wants to shoot me. What girl when they are growing up doesn't look at these amazing pictures in these magazines and think wow, I want to be just like that person??!
The ideas we came up with were not only a horse shoot, but lets bring in some period outfits. Lets do something different. Sure its hot right now. Its in the middle of the summer, talking mid 90's with 60% humidity in a swamp area. Yes, lots of fun around mosquitoes and of course very glamorous. We had the entire barn after hours, which was good since we were making a lot of noise and my parents were assisting in anything on the ground. They were great helpers throughout the shoot. I really like working with creative, positive people.