Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comfort breeds complacency - "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."

As much as we all like to live in our own comfort zones.."Hello couch, you truly understand why I love to be lazy and don't expect anything from me.." What a great relationship. :)

We all get into that pattern from time to time. It is even good to take some sort of hiatus from certain routines, switch it up, or even take a few days to chill and eat like a piggy, depending on your goals. The lifestyle I have choose isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea. Weekly meal preps, high grocery bills for the best quality produce/meats, the upting hours at the gym, and pretty much trying to fit everything else in without going completely crazy. I work a pretty normal job, and many times work well over 60 hours a week though depending what is going on with the company. But regardless you make choices. I made one a long time ago that I was not okay being, "just okay". I wanted more for myself. People can do whatever they want with their own lives..but mine, I am not okay with being content with just the standard lifestyle. I have always lived some sort of outgoing lifestyle, but after my issues with my back/hip started affecting my everyday life, I knew I had to push further..I had pain and I needed to fix myself. I was not okay with being on medication, and just telling people I was not able to do whatever just because of the pain. And who cares right? Everyone is in some type of pain, for me I didn't want to to be my be all end all, of keeping me from living my life, family, friends, horses and the rest of the fur creatures that need me. Everyday we make these decisions though. Ride or Die so to speak. You don't like something change it. But by doing the same old, gets you in the same course and will not change anything.

My journey was never about getting skinny (although I have never been fat..) I guess skinny / fat with some muscle, but to be stronger as a whole, mind, body and soul connection. By going to the gym, pushing through the pain, sweat and tears I was able to build a new self in and out. I had never thought I would ever think of myself like the way I do now. I am in better shape then I was at 22 and truthfully, probably am in better shape then most 20 years old that I see walking around. Every time I left the gym I knew I put my everything in there, I tore down everything I could and lifted until I truly failed. For me life needs to be pushed. Not just okay with the comfort. Work hard, workout harder and live the rest aspect of your life pretty bad ass. You go only around once and its it. Visit the world, try new jobs, and while doing that inspire people around you.

I was always told I was special, told to do more. be better and to look into that mirror and KNOW you can do it. No one else is going to give you that. My mother always pushed me, told me to DO better then her. Amazing woman with those words. Pretty much shocked people through the course of my years and hope to continually doing so...who knows what I will do next or how else I will transform. End of the day you need to believe it. Go out there and do have plenty of time to rest when your dead.

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."