Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Month into Crossfit

Status Update: Month later starting Crossfit. Although I been warned I would loose my gains by fellow bodybuilders, thanks a lot guys. Obviously these people have no idea what they are talking about. Crossfit develops and works on muscles a little differently. Although I was sorta sore as hell after lifting weights, Crossfit, took my soreness to a new level to defcon 5 and literally made me want to drop to the mats once the workout was completed as I was dripping with sweat from every inch of my body. Which, my intensity and my body was not getting anywhere near just lifting weights.

For one the intensity is something I really love and hate. The mix of high intensity cardio, and weights has brought much more excitement to my workouts, not to mention having a team full of people rooting you on, telling you not to fail. I'm starting to seeing different muscles form, although I'm eating a little more then I was, I'm glad I added more carbs in the mix or I would simply not be able to complete each workouts. There are times though I feel I won't complete them, but I reach in to that dark place and push harder. The music is always blasting, everyone is always cheering everyone on and yelling to just DO IT! So I do. Its a high intensity workout, you lift in your routine, use body weight and work on different skills each time so it never gets old.

This whole experience has showed me I was getting way too relaxed in my regular training and probably should of done something like this sooner. Excited to continue this new challenge and kick it even further. Each time I get stronger, try a new skill and work to a new level. Its quite exciting. And new fellow lifting friends is fun, especially when you feel you will fail, they are there to make sure you don't and complete every task.

I can see why some feel Crossfit is a cult. People tend to stick together in Crossfit. We discuss food all the time, daily intake, stretching, and every aspect of what it is to be able to be a Crossfit athlete. Not bad. I already was a health food nut, and exercise crazy person, so truly I'm in my element to see what others do in comparison.