Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Loosing Gains, food...

It was clear that many of my workouts were tearing me down. I been working long hours at work, been dealing with a sick horse and assisting a friend move. While trying to move myself.

Although I do love a challenge, there are times that I felt like giving up. I decided to make most of my bodybuildling workouts shorter and stick to circuits. Make it more interesting at least until my body had time to heal and get used to the two impending workouts I keep throwing at it. What people don't understand is you spend all this time building and if you don't keep at it with workouts and eating a proper balanced diet you cannot keep those gains.

I probably should of thought about this better and planned it like I normally would have. But life happens, I forgot to keep up eating like I was and my intensity as well as my energy levels have decreased. I'm used to eating 6 times a day. To many people that might seem like a lot, but in reality its not. They are small lunch portions, not talking the typical American sized uber portions on a dinner plate.

While moving friends, and dealing with other issues with my horse, I didn't have time to prep better and pretty much just ate what I had or whatever we could pick up. Talk about a Failure to prep. I'm human. I know better and I will work better to fix the situation. Since I know I have lost some muscle in the process. Not only loosing gains, which seems sacrilege in itself, my energy has decreased and my sleeping patterns have suffered.

Constructing more of a concrete plan in order to succeed and be able to fully do crossfit and my regular workouts. Of course its going to suck, of course its going to be hard and OF COURSE this will hurt. I want it to hurt, and feel sore. But in reality if I am not feeding my body properly I am not doing myself or anyone around me any service.

Intake not only has a lot fuel for body, but without the proper fuel, timing, before/after workouts, your mood, emotions can be heavily affected. So in reality, if your hungry eat. Plan it. If you have to schedule it do it. Carry a cooler. Make lots of left overs and brings your meals everywhere. Looks like Tupperware container hell is in my future.

Until next time, eat up, look up new recipes and keep downing the protein! Don't loose them gains!