Friday, August 1, 2014

Crossfit Kicks my A$$

I been getting bored with bodybuildling. I love the feeling and working on my body, but the fact of the matter I am bored. I'm stuck at a certain zone and although I have gotten my body further then I have ever gotten it in the last 24 months-- I really need to get out of this funky zone and try new things. I had a great friend help me out, which I always like to pay forward to others since I have great passion for it.

Well-- new things are scary. They can hurt, probably end up needing ice and better knee supports in the long run. But hey--no one says these things are going to be easy right.

Decided to check out a local Crossfit place though, I heard they were the best and the toughest in the area so why not, can't be that bad right? The coach first of all invited me to watch the class.

How did I feel my first steps in? Intimidated. Only way I could describe it. Their warm up alone would kill MOST mortal beings, let along continuing through the actually WOD (workout of the day..) O yea-- did I tell you need to run.. Yes, my favorite thing in the world. But regardless of my thought process, the 15 people in the class looked pretty badass, many of the things I knew obviously, just different techniques.

Everyone was actually pretty welcoming and I was invited in to join. The WOD they had me do after the intense warm up was "Helen".
21X17X9 3X's
Run 400 meters
Kettlebell swings

Although it may seem short, o yea thats it? Well think again. After the first time around after you're almost completed the 400 meter run you start to think.."O Dam, I have to do this again..." You reach into your mind and pull out more strength then you thought you had, telling your body to shut up that you can do it. Its all a mind game. No reason for me not to be able to finish.

When all said and done, I didn't die. I didn't fall over. Was it hard? YES, it was. Will I do it again? Hell ya! Signing up for a new gym to push my body to the next level. Who knows what I am capable of. Apparently I have only scratched the surface and with hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears a newer stronger, improved, self always comes out on the other side. I'm actually really excited to see my results in 12 weeks, as well as trying out some competitions.