Thursday, July 31, 2014

Intimidation. Use it. Bring it. Wear it well.

I often go to the gym, and not realize that I get such in a zone. I can pretty much zone out every person there. You look right into the mirror, don't care about your beastly groans while lifting and your heavy breathing. You stare deep into the mirror watching every rep, every breathe and every exhale.

I been told I look intimidating. I suppose this could be the case. Strong build, I walk around the gym with my head held high and at times I can get caught up in what I am doing with such passion. I take great pride into myself and my body. And if anything, you should right? Although I do help people out while they work out often, people tend to still find anyone who is confident, proud and holding their head high can be pretty intimidating.

It can be used in so many ways, so many vehicles. Whether its a way to completely shut down from the world and put up a wall, or show the world you know what-- I don't give a flying F#$K, what anyone else thinks, about me, since I know I freakin' Rock. And why not right have that confidence.

So Rock it. Keep that head high. And F#$k any critics. They are weak, scared and could never come close to what you can accomplish.