Friday, May 9, 2014

Full Body Friday! Lets tear it up!

Todays Full Body Beatdown Circuit!


Leg press (got to 425 today!!)
Calf raises
Pushups decline/incline off ball

Pyramid style did about 6 sets til' fail:

Front shoulder press (on smith)
Behind shoulder press (on smith)
DB bicep curls
Single arm bicep cable curls

4 X 12-15
Overhead Tricep Ext

Dips w/ weight
Back Ext with Weight
DB rows
Upper Chest cable flyes
Mid Level Chest cables flyes



Finished up with a Light cardio session on the arc trainer on interval for 30 minutes--and watched Shark Tank.

As always finish up the week strong, make yourself pushup. Of course I'm sore, thats what you want. If it was easy EVERYONE would be doing it. Push it, Pull it, and you can do it. Walk outta there like a badass, ready to rule it. Onto the weekend to tear it up!!