Friday, April 4, 2014

Sigh..cutting phase. OR I hate Cardio Phase.

So you work out daily, you bulk up -- Gain lots of muscle. You do cardio but its not like its consistent or anything. I know there are some weeks I just skip it all together and just lift daily to some extent. Spring time is here-- summer is approaching and you want to shred down and CUT. Yup, you have to do more cardio and tweak your routine yet again to shock the system. You start running around, with chicken in baggies, yogurt in a cooler and extra careful about certain extras.

Heres the deal, I hate to run. Nope--I really hate it. I have no joy in it so for me anyway few and far times I will probably do it. The best way around this is to substitute in some HITS cardio and some mini circuits with fast pace body weight exercises. Do things you enjoy to do. Hike, bike, ride my horse, lunges on the beach, etc. I been searching for new workouts to add to my routines to help me finally shred down and cut where I'd like to be. I am going to mix it up between Clutch 21 and a few of Ashleys Conrad's other circuit programs, for a few weeks anyway. I been lifting quite heavily for at least 6 months--really no deviation in my plan too much. This will help kick my body into gear where it needs to and shock my system.

Regardless it's good to try new things, break from old routines for mind, body and soul. Its finally light out passed 5pm after work and its above 20 degrees--so that in itself brings some positive points and opens up for new doors for my workouts to be moved outdoors. Spending more time with my horses- Rira and Bella, sure like that and the extra carrots, Rira not so much since he gets worked much more...but seems we all get double duty and ready to shred.

Try new things, shock the system and get out there. Keep moving my friends!