Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live and Let live. Let go.

Motivation at times can seem like something that I am truly lacking especially with working long hours, barn stuff, and everything else that is going on in life. Things come up, life changes, people change and your environment changes. Need to be ready for these things. Nothing is ever made to stay at the same state. With that you just need to let go. Learn to let go. I am not one of those people that can do this, since I like to have a full plan in life. You know--those people that have the monthly, 6 months, yearly, 5 year, etc etc goals. Yup--thats me. Really though I been trying to release much of this and really learn how to relax more.

Enjoy life. Take in my friends, family and my animals, which I am truly blessed to have. Nothing is a given right, its a full privilege that I work for daily. As anything can be taken away from you at anytime, cherish, don't stress about the small stuff, work hard, play hard and love hard. I'm not perfect by any means, but whom is. I'm a constant work in progress. But for the things that truly matter in life, people.

Regardless there will always be those rude and ignorant people and they're the people that don't have true friends. What truly counts is the relationships day to day you have with people, your mom, gram, dog, lover, whatever, you get the point. Whatever makes you truly happy, apart from stupid materialistic crap which you could just buy more of which will be thrown away most likely later on.

Life is good. Keep your chin up. Let the small crap just roll off your back. I like to say that people grow out of the high school stage of the crazy gossip and mindless mickering, but truly it can get worse with the bullying. (And yes-- bullying is a form of harassment- and can be charged in a court of law.) Live above the hate. Words are words though. Learning to let go of the hate though, keeps me at peace. I get a lot of interesting feedback from all different avenues through the course of my day some good, some bad--you take what you can get though and roll with the punches.