Monday, April 28, 2014

ARMS! I pick stuff up and put them down :)

In hopes to build my biceps, triceps and the rest of my arms, I added in an extra day for arms. I feel like its been helping and people are taking notice of these deadly guns. ;)

Arms :) Shoulders, biceps and triceps :)

4 sets til fail

Cable bicep curls with t bar
Dumbbell bicep curls
Close grip bicep curls with rope
Shoulder press with smith machine in front
shoulder press with smith machine in back
Tricep overhead with rope on cable
Tricep t bar skull crushers on cable
Single arm triceps crushers on rope

I try to do a lot of singling out of each side obviously. Remember one side is not the same as the other and many times when you use 1 bar one side is obviously trying to make up for the other...So-- by singling out each side you make that weaker side stronger.

Dumbbells and cables work wonders