Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Legs, legs, legs.

Hittin' them legs up hard!

4 sets of til fail.

Back Squats
Plie Squats
Kettlebell deadlift
Stiff Legged Barbell deadlift
Hip thrusters (or as my buddies call them air f$#ks)
Walking Lunges (25)
Reverse Lunges standing (15)
Donkey Kicks w/ cables -Each leg--as high as you can go..(lift that a$$)
Single Leg Extensions

As you can tell I like WORKING my legs. I don't know what is wrong with me, but the DOMS I get 2 days after and not being able to walk up the stairs at work make me second think everything I normally do during leg day. So worth it though. Nice ass, legs, and hammies.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review on Watched Bigger Stronger Faster: Steroid Use.

Watched Bigger Stronger Faster-- anyone whom has Netflix worthwhile to watch.

Lays it all out. What's the deal with enhancing drugs?

The truth is there are a lot of products on the market. Nothing is as black and white. Think your 100% against "roids", well guess what hotshot-- have you ever taken testosterone, birth control, cortisone pill/or- creams..are just a few.

There are so many ways to make your life better by taking steroids, especially if you're sick, out of surgery, etc. Everyone is dirty, what can I say. Unless you stopped all prescribed drugs there is some sort of steroid that have touched your body at some point.

Personally, whatever floats your boat. There are so many other things out there on the market I feel we should gauge our war on towards. This doesn't hurt anyone.

Getting off my soap box. Over and out.

Monday, April 28, 2014

ARMS! I pick stuff up and put them down :)

In hopes to build my biceps, triceps and the rest of my arms, I added in an extra day for arms. I feel like its been helping and people are taking notice of these deadly guns. ;)

Arms :) Shoulders, biceps and triceps :)

4 sets til fail

Cable bicep curls with t bar
Dumbbell bicep curls
Close grip bicep curls with rope
Shoulder press with smith machine in front
shoulder press with smith machine in back
Tricep overhead with rope on cable
Tricep t bar skull crushers on cable
Single arm triceps crushers on rope

I try to do a lot of singling out of each side obviously. Remember one side is not the same as the other and many times when you use 1 bar one side is obviously trying to make up for the other...So-- by singling out each side you make that weaker side stronger.

Dumbbells and cables work wonders

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Be your own competition and lay off the jealousy.

Everyone has their own starting points.Though it can be quick to judge certain weights, etc etc. I always seen it as I was my own competition.Its safe to say though we all look at others, wish or hope they had x y z. Whether its something materialistic (which in my opinion I can go work for and get at any point..) or something you have to build for. Regardless, whatever it takes you have to go out and work for it. Recall- there are no easy quick fixes,no welfare lines. No one is going to give you these sexy muscles, and same goes for stuff or even money. All comes down, how hard do you want to work for something.

I'm not perfect by any means and I am not strong or even defined as much as I like. But knowing that, working towards that and being happy with that makes all the difference. Being happy with yourself is a huge starting point, which I feel most do not have. Lots of unhappy people that are out and about, that truly need to stop and smell the roses to realize what life is really about. Until then, its one big blob to them. Jealousy, crazy antics and pretty much acting like a bitchy selfish child. It is what it is. I know what I am. I know what I have worked for and have accomplished. I am pretty proud. No one can take that away from me.

At the end of the day, I look to beat my own goals, my own strengths, build on my own self. What others have is awesome and great, but in reality working on myself helps the world around me. I tend to want to work for a better self, better center and pretty much by doing this makes a positive world around me. Ever realize why these miserable people are surrounded by misery?

Since life is just far too short to deal with jealousy, childish games, living above the hate like I wrote in last post, living to my own standards that are in my own head and constantly WORKING, building, and growing myself. Its a happy time. Happy life. And I am not afraid to say I am feeling wonderful about the person I am. I am a hardworking chica, with 4 college degrees, working for a global corporation, respected valued individual, in work, friends, family, at the gym and around the barn. Show the love, share it and work hard. But give up the jealousy it truly doesn't lead anyone to the path of happiness. Find your own competition. Jot down your goals and work for them. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Chin up. Although it might be rainy today, its one day to a few other goals I have. Stay tuned :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live and Let live. Let go.

Motivation at times can seem like something that I am truly lacking especially with working long hours, barn stuff, and everything else that is going on in life. Things come up, life changes, people change and your environment changes. Need to be ready for these things. Nothing is ever made to stay at the same state. With that you just need to let go. Learn to let go. I am not one of those people that can do this, since I like to have a full plan in life. You know--those people that have the monthly, 6 months, yearly, 5 year, etc etc goals. Yup--thats me. Really though I been trying to release much of this and really learn how to relax more.

Enjoy life. Take in my friends, family and my animals, which I am truly blessed to have. Nothing is a given right, its a full privilege that I work for daily. As anything can be taken away from you at anytime, cherish, don't stress about the small stuff, work hard, play hard and love hard. I'm not perfect by any means, but whom is. I'm a constant work in progress. But for the things that truly matter in life, people.

Regardless there will always be those rude and ignorant people and they're the people that don't have true friends. What truly counts is the relationships day to day you have with people, your mom, gram, dog, lover, whatever, you get the point. Whatever makes you truly happy, apart from stupid materialistic crap which you could just buy more of which will be thrown away most likely later on.

Life is good. Keep your chin up. Let the small crap just roll off your back. I like to say that people grow out of the high school stage of the crazy gossip and mindless mickering, but truly it can get worse with the bullying. (And yes-- bullying is a form of harassment- and can be charged in a court of law.) Live above the hate. Words are words though. Learning to let go of the hate though, keeps me at peace. I get a lot of interesting feedback from all different avenues through the course of my day some good, some bad--you take what you can get though and roll with the punches.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Long hours + Circuits

I been working crazy hours lately, some days getting back to the hotel 10pm, these long hours don't leave a lot of time to work out.... But really--if you have time to watch tv, message on facebook, any of that BS--you have time for a workout whether at a gym or even your hotel room. I put together some exercises on opposite days of Clutch to keep things interesting. This is what I did:

Inline Dumbbells presses
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Bench Dumbbell presses
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Dumbbell curls
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Dumbbell triceps kickbacks
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Dumbbell overhead triceps extensions
Plie Squats with dumbbells
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Body weight squats
High knees (30 seconds)
Pushups (25)
Standing lunges (25 on each side)
High knees (30 seconds) Pushups (25)

Core 4 sets of 45 No rest!

Bicycle crunches

No excuses people. Eat clean, get in your short work out and pass out for the day. :) Helps with stress levels and zen. Keeps me in my happy place.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Back to Clutch 21

Figuring need to change it up--Clutch 21. Great program, quick, fast paced and gets the blood pumping. I had some great results from this last summer. Heres the skinny and the workout in detail:

Clutch 21

On the weekends I will be adding her 25 minute circuit in as well--the good thing about this one is you don't need to hit the gym to get this done! Perfect. Home Circuit

Sigh..cutting phase. OR I hate Cardio Phase.

So you work out daily, you bulk up -- Gain lots of muscle. You do cardio but its not like its consistent or anything. I know there are some weeks I just skip it all together and just lift daily to some extent. Spring time is here-- summer is approaching and you want to shred down and CUT. Yup, you have to do more cardio and tweak your routine yet again to shock the system. You start running around, with chicken in baggies, yogurt in a cooler and extra careful about certain extras.

Heres the deal, I hate to run. Nope--I really hate it. I have no joy in it so for me anyway few and far times I will probably do it. The best way around this is to substitute in some HITS cardio and some mini circuits with fast pace body weight exercises. Do things you enjoy to do. Hike, bike, ride my horse, lunges on the beach, etc. I been searching for new workouts to add to my routines to help me finally shred down and cut where I'd like to be. I am going to mix it up between Clutch 21 and a few of Ashleys Conrad's other circuit programs, for a few weeks anyway. I been lifting quite heavily for at least 6 months--really no deviation in my plan too much. This will help kick my body into gear where it needs to and shock my system.

Regardless it's good to try new things, break from old routines for mind, body and soul. Its finally light out passed 5pm after work and its above 20 degrees--so that in itself brings some positive points and opens up for new doors for my workouts to be moved outdoors. Spending more time with my horses- Rira and Bella, sure like that and the extra carrots, Rira not so much since he gets worked much more...but seems we all get double duty and ready to shred.

Try new things, shock the system and get out there. Keep moving my friends!