Thursday, March 13, 2014

#power on Leg workouts-->overtrain 'em

Legs.Who needs to walk anyway? I work in legs needed.

I been training pretty much everyday now to increase strength and YES over train. I want me some big, sexy legs with a nice butt. And you need to work for it if you want it..So heres the latest and greatest of Leg day part 1 I do for the beginning of the week.

4X til fail..
Back squats
reverse lunges
plie squats
glute pushdown
single leg dead lifts
walking lunges 25
leg extensions

And yes, thats right-- TIL you fail. You need to fail to grow, or else you didn't put enough work in. Lift heavy, feel it and crawl outta there. You want it, go get it, what else do you have better to do? Facebook, instagram, talking smack?! Talk is cheap, and summer bods are made in the winter. You know where I will be, the gym..overtraining.