Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Workout Plans: Aren't one size fits all.

I have done quite a few plans, some are harder on the body than others, the diet may seems crazy and parts of it you have to throw out. As always, check with your trained doctor before you go into any intense program. Generic workout plans are a great stepping stone or guide, to later make your own to what will work for your own needs. I would say for most part many of the ones off of bodybuildling.com at least, all come with a warning, See your doctor, adjust XYZ to your lifestyle and diet. Obviously not everyones needs are going to be the same. Some people needs more of whatever, mineral, vitamin or any particular food. Same goes for certain exercises, therefore with an injury for example with my back or my pelvis I will be cautious about certain exercises, either substitute something else for the, or build up slowly, then circle back.

Be aware about what is going on in your body. If you feel something is off, go with it and see a doctor. Don't be afraid to make adjustments to diet, or even the exercise plan. For me anyway I cannot live off of 1000-2000 calories. Realistically I need around 2500-3500 to function properly and still be able to perform, ride the horses, plus workout 6 days a week like I do.

Bottom line use your brain, listen to your body and if something is wrong seek help from someone. Take care of your body the best way you can, its the only one you will ever get.