Friday, February 7, 2014

New Year, New People, New Attitudes

We all had to start somewhere. With the New Year starting obviously you see some new faces, some people that are very genuine to actually make a change, as well as the cocky SOB's, which I often more then times like to throw my kettlebell at their heads. (You know whom you are--mr, shit for bricks who walks around rubbing their abs, and not stacking your dam weights back..but I digress..) When you hit the gym, you try to mix in and try to hide so no one notices that really you have no idea what your're doing. We have all been there though. No one knows everything and I know myself I am constantly learning from everyone.

Personally I do like to assist some of these new people, or even guide them with a suggestion or a direction of some sort. The lost in deer headlights look-- I recall very well. For beginners, figure out what is important to you. Doesn't have to be one size fits all what you need to do. But just stay active in whatever you feel fit. Obviously I went with the circuit and bodybuilding plans--that is what worked for me, with the combo of eating clean. is a great resource. I will ever be gratful for a good friend that suggested Jamie Eason's Livefit program. If your looking for a great resource on how to start lifting, correctly and with proper phases, check it out. Best part its FREE. Yes free, and at least with this what you have to loose? IDK--that is pretty much what my friend had said before my 12 weeks transformation was up. I ended up with some amazing curves and built a great foundation.

Beginners, long time veterans, whatever, if you have a question ask. Walk up to that person you admire at the gym, ask what they are doing. Don't be afraid, I'm not. Most people will be more then willing to assist you, but most obviously will not approach.

As always what you have to loose? Smile, be friendly, ask questions and research what your doing. Knowledge is power my friends. Instead of criticizing someone new or something different--be open to new things. Go that extra mile, help someone, its more rewarding that way.

New year, new you and new attitude. It all starts somewhere.