Monday, February 3, 2014

Lessons learned

I talk a lot about different ways to keep a healthy lifestyle, but seems I have failed to mention a few things that are truly part of the package. Yes living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well, are all important, but without great friends and family to get you through anything, nothing is possible.

Through the course of the last year I went through a divorce, and with that I have truly learned what is most important in this world. Money and material things--for starters are not needs. Those things can be taken away at anytime, and you can always make more money, but your true self is just not anything to gamble with.

True friends and family are there for you no matter what, thick and thin. No matter what happens, in a moment’s notice are there for you. It’s amazing. The love, the compassion.

With friends and family was able to rebuild quite quickly—threw myself into fitness and get pretty involved in order to keep my head on straight.

The end of the day, only so much matters. Rest of it is all garbage and can be forgotten. Less is more.

Live, Learn from mistakes and move on. Shit happens. People change. But good friends and family accept you no matter who you are.