Monday, February 3, 2014

Healthy lifestyle, fitness, what about sex?

As I have posted in my last post, there are quite a few items to keep up a healthy lifestyle. I talk a lot about staying healthy, keeping a healthy lifestyle, whatever that maybe-- whether exercising, eating clean and staying as active as I possible can. All and all--I share all my workouts, tips, tricks, menus and all that jazz. But lets face it, get down to the nitty gritty. Relationships and sex is a big one. Fitness can improve so many aspects of ones life, including sex. You don't think so? Think again, its pretty much a great workout of itself as it is, if you are having sex the right way.

There are a lot of things that can arise from sex, good and bad, obviously if its bad, its bad, and if its GREAT, its pretty awesome. One of the best feelings in life though, is being with the right person to share these healthy experiences and be on the same wave length. Whether its THE person, or the right person at the time, that can help you and share that physical connection, there is something to it. Not everyone has that, and many times it can be just that, just sex, but when you find that person, no matter how, or where, and ITS def more, than you have learned something than able to take something from it. That right person can be all the difference, whether its Eh, or the sex being completely godlike. Over the last year with my life changing over, new experiences, new relationship and new sex life with a wonderful man. This man has taught me a lot. We have shared quite a bit, in and out of the bedroom, and with that, have probably gone deeper than any previous partners. We focus on each other, no tv, walking dead or any of that crap.
br>Its only human. Sex is just sex if your sitting there and can be awful boring with the wrong person, but with the right passion, drive and actual want for that person, its a different thing all together. Sex is not suppose to be boring and its not suppose to be dull. Its pretty amazing what one person can do, and pretty much change a persons life completely in a different direction. Love is very altering in so many amazing ways. Love, sex, fitness, food, horses, rinse, and repeat.

Great life right? I think so. I hope to continue on this happy path.

Sure we chuckle or giggle about it at times, but hey--we all like sex and the more fit you are the better you can be at it. Fit Couple, great sex, happy life. So, on that note here's to a great 2014, of many more happy occasions. :)