Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fitness people are selfish?

There has been so much news about fitness lately and how its selfish to put your fitness goals before whatever. Between getting into peoples business about their pregnancy, their lifestyle and how they raise their children. Mind you most of the comments that are negative are from angry, lazy people so really how much can you really trust their comments. If putting down a twinkie and picking up a dumbbell seems selfish to you, then thats fine. You are welcome to your own opinion, but someone taking care of themselves in every shape imaginable working out, eating clean, mind-body-soul, people consider selfish??

To each their own. We need to learn how to accept everyone for who they are. I don't sit on a street corner and preach my clean eating, paleo crazed and fitness lifestyle. But obviously if someone seeks guidance I will help in anyway shape I can. Personally I find such narrow thinking gets people in trouble. Learn about what you're talking about your trash talk it. Get educated. The women and their families, that are focussing on fitness with their families are passing down a great model. Live healthy. Mind you there are so many ways to do this, its just not subject to working out at the gym, but to have a full lifestyle surrounded by the focus on being fit and healthy. This movement I am proud to be part of.

To all those that like to comment on pregnant women working out, or how certain women have too much muscle? How much can you bench? Hows the view from the couch? Yes, must be nice while eating your mayonnaise fried crappy food from your couch. Are you still unhappy way you are? Thats fine, but don't hate on someone that you are jealous of. You could accomplish the same goals.

Remember doing the same old will just accomplish the same result. If the same result is not what you want, change it. Simple as that.

Rant over for all my fitness crazed loves out there. Live well.