Friday, December 13, 2013

Enjoying the holidays

As fitness gurus, you see it all, people going overboard about training, living the lifestyle, prepping, your foods and eating clean in order to fully get the results you want. You do this since you know its not an easy solution--there are no "welfare lines" so to speak to get the look you want. There are no hand outs, only hard work, dedication and a clear head. Everything affects the body. But one thing to understand is to know when to decompress and not be so stringent on your routine.

Sure, enjoy the hoildays with family and friends. Not saying eat an entire feast, but having a slice of your gram's apple crisp and your mom's stuffing, is not going to kill you. Enjoy these moments, enjoy the food and enjoy your good company. But to remember to keep your training going obviously, continue to work out, eat your regular schedule meals and don't fully engore yourself, you will be fine. Unless your going to eat like this for a week, I would not be fully concerned about a few days here and there enjoying yourself.

So, relax. Don't freak out. Leave your containers of food at home and use common sense. Use a smaller plate and fill up on your favorites. I know myself, I can't say no to stuffing, and pecan pie-- so I will be saving room for plenty during the course of the holidays.