Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meal: Stuffed chicken

I like trying new recipes, especially healthier forms of what I see in the restaurants or whatever recipes I find, this is just something I have found all over the place, made in so many different ways, and its rather simple.

Stuffed chicken with cheese and a veggie.

I took 10 medium thick boneless chicken
bag of veggies--I used broccoli
Feta cheese
favorite spices on top

Lay flat the chicken, put veggie, cheese and roll up. Tooth pick each one. Put in over at 375 for about 30 minutes. Bammo-- dinner is ready and plenty for later.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quick workout- Post Holiday and can't get to the gym.

Need a quick workout and can't get to the gym? No equipment needed. Well no problem.

4 sets of 15

lunges (front)
body weight squats
jumping jacks

New Year resolutions -- Weight loss goals

Around this time of year you usually hear people talking about the usual New Years resolutions--to lose weight, etc etc. 86-- that goal and aim to be healthy.
I gained 20 lbs of muscle this year all LEAN mass.

East standard guidelines:

Eat clean.
Workout daily
Don't eat crap all the time

Pretty easy formula, no crazy diet plans, its a lifestyle. Whatever your goals are this year, good luck with them. Prepare so you don't fail, those that fail to prepare will. Its in your hands. Love, peace and all of that, stay healthy and continue with your goals in 2014.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Enjoying the holidays

As fitness gurus, you see it all, people going overboard about training, living the lifestyle, prepping, your foods and eating clean in order to fully get the results you want. You do this since you know its not an easy solution--there are no "welfare lines" so to speak to get the look you want. There are no hand outs, only hard work, dedication and a clear head. Everything affects the body. But one thing to understand is to know when to decompress and not be so stringent on your routine.

Sure, enjoy the hoildays with family and friends. Not saying eat an entire feast, but having a slice of your gram's apple crisp and your mom's stuffing, is not going to kill you. Enjoy these moments, enjoy the food and enjoy your good company. But to remember to keep your training going obviously, continue to work out, eat your regular schedule meals and don't fully engore yourself, you will be fine. Unless your going to eat like this for a week, I would not be fully concerned about a few days here and there enjoying yourself.

So, relax. Don't freak out. Leave your containers of food at home and use common sense. Use a smaller plate and fill up on your favorites. I know myself, I can't say no to stuffing, and pecan pie-- so I will be saving room for plenty during the course of the holidays.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meal: Crock Pot Chicken

Quick way to make a whole chicken or a small turkey.

Cut up whatever veggies and mix with spices you want to use. I used garlic, onions and peppers--with salt/pepper/olive oil and paprika.

Stuff chicken with veggies.

Put Olive oil, pepper and some paprika on chicken.

Set Crock pot on high for 5-6 hrs or on low for 9-11 hrs.
Clean eating on the go, quick and simple. I normally stuff a chicken prior to bed before going to bed, put it in the crock pot and wake up to the house smelling amazing. I often change it up what I will stuff the chicken with as well, depends really what I have on hand. So this really makes for a very budget friendly recipe.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fitness people are selfish?

There has been so much news about fitness lately and how its selfish to put your fitness goals before whatever. Between getting into peoples business about their pregnancy, their lifestyle and how they raise their children. Mind you most of the comments that are negative are from angry, lazy people so really how much can you really trust their comments. If putting down a twinkie and picking up a dumbbell seems selfish to you, then thats fine. You are welcome to your own opinion, but someone taking care of themselves in every shape imaginable working out, eating clean, mind-body-soul, people consider selfish??

To each their own. We need to learn how to accept everyone for who they are. I don't sit on a street corner and preach my clean eating, paleo crazed and fitness lifestyle. But obviously if someone seeks guidance I will help in anyway shape I can. Personally I find such narrow thinking gets people in trouble. Learn about what you're talking about your trash talk it. Get educated. The women and their families, that are focussing on fitness with their families are passing down a great model. Live healthy. Mind you there are so many ways to do this, its just not subject to working out at the gym, but to have a full lifestyle surrounded by the focus on being fit and healthy. This movement I am proud to be part of.

To all those that like to comment on pregnant women working out, or how certain women have too much muscle? How much can you bench? Hows the view from the couch? Yes, must be nice while eating your mayonnaise fried crappy food from your couch. Are you still unhappy way you are? Thats fine, but don't hate on someone that you are jealous of. You could accomplish the same goals.

Remember doing the same old will just accomplish the same result. If the same result is not what you want, change it. Simple as that.

Rant over for all my fitness crazed loves out there. Live well.