Wednesday, November 20, 2013

@ Home Shoulder Workout

Another stable body part which I often see people skipping is shoulders. Come on people, you need strong shoulders to support your arm and the rest of you. Not any different than any body part. For Shoulders its normally a short workout--so I suggest either mixing this up with a short abs workout and some plyo at the end.


4 sets of 10

Shoulder Pushups
Clean and press with Dumbbells or Kettlebells Lateral Raises (I normally do these one side at a time..but whatever your comfortable with, some people do 2 at a time. Please listen to your body)
Front Raises
Upright Rows on stability ball(to your chin hold for a second and slowly lower them back to starting position.
Pike Presses
For more advanced--Try Hand stand pushups, they are quote fun to build up to.

As you know my shoulders are pretty weak, so I try to work them out the most. I try not to baby them since it will make it worse. Don't be afraid to try new exercises, you might surprise yourself.