Monday, November 11, 2013

Pesto Chicken and side of Chopped Salad

Often enough when travelling, you find "chopped salad", sounds so fancy but really its not that hard to make the the restaurant charges you an arm and a leg. Yes 18 bucks for a salad...seriously? Come on. But truthfully it is very very simple and you practically can put anything in it. For my chopped salad these are my ingredients:

Lettuce- chop up the lettuce in small pieces
dried cranberries
sesame seeds
feta cheese
diced chicken (or you can use another form of protein)
optional - Bacon (who doesn't like bacon?!)

As for dressing, I stick with something light. Pick up a fat free dressing or make your own. Normally I go with some simple italian seasonings, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and mix them together and, there you have it simple dressing.

As fir my main dish, I went with pesto chicken. Another simple dish, healthy fats. Below are what you need to make this delicious dish:

chicken breast
olive oil

Mix up all the ingredients, coax the chicken with pesto, salt, pepper, pesto and olive oil. I normally put some olive oil on the pan, start cooking and the put the chicken on. About 5-8 minutes per side, and your done.