Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chest & Triceps @ Home Workout

I am not one to really ever want to miss a workout, but as always something magically pops up, work calls, or someones cat dies--so you just can't get to the gym. "What is one to do!?" Well safe to say really if you have a few dumbbells, kettlebells and exercise bands, you still can get a pretty good workout in.


4 sets of 15
Wide Pushups
Narrow Pushups
Alternating Floor Presses
Cross over with Bands
Incline Chest Press with stability ball with a set of Dumbbells or Kettlebells


4 sets of 15
Overhead kettlebell Triceps extensions
Tricep Pushups
Bench Dips
Band Skull Crushers
Close Grip Push Up off Dumbbell or Kettlebell

So, lads and gents get out there, get some back up equipment for your house so you never have to miss a workout even on those non-gym days.