Monday, October 28, 2013

Inner Strength

I talk a lot about actual physical strength most of the time, but really the emotional and inner strength is what truly keeps us to together. At that last rep, as your crawling to finish whatever exercise--your mental state kicks in, and you push yourself. Most athlete know you have to push through pain and other obstacles. Exercise through injuries and rise above.

There are times sometimes where the mental state does kick our ass. Sure " your not good enough, right? " But really you need to have it in your head, that you will not fail, you will succeed and you will get through it. Lifting to fail, is one thing--since obviously you want to grow muscle fiber as well as strength. My inner strength gets me through quite a bit whether it is to get my butt of bed at 5 am to hit the gym, a long day where I don't want to continue--my inner self pushes hard. I know I feel awesome after going to the gym, or the barn, or taking a run on the beach. Its those cold mornings, that there is frost on the glass, or when I'm so sore not even sure I will make the walk to my car. You push through. Like anything in this world you have to work for it. Nothing is given to anyone. If you want it, reach for it and with a mental state that can allow you stay focus and in gear that is what is truly important. Anything is possible. But most at the end of the day, fail, give up.

For anyone starting their fitness or any other huge goal, its pays to have a friend that can help you along the way. Someone that will hold you accountable. I have one for my fitness goals. We are very brutal to each other about everything, which is what I need. Because we all know.."buttercup--get off your butt and DO what you gotta do". No excuses. Just do it--Just like Nike said. :)

So, get out there, do what you need to do, to get to those goals. Use your dreams, and make reality.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

DTP Update: Finished

As every muscle was slowly torn and built back up. I could definately see results by the of this program. There were many times I had to reach in me to find the mental strength to continue. Not going to like, there was GROANING, GRUNTING, YELLING and some OMFG's--during my training sessions. I completely felt like a bad ass, I won't lie. Taught me a lot about how much I can actually push myself, and no matter how much it seemed like I was going to fail--I wasn't. Numbers don't lie, arms and thighs put on some muscle, pretty happy about the results.

My Final numbers were:
13.5 arms
35.5 chest
23.5 thighs

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whats been happening on my end?

I know, I have not been around lately. Between work, gym time, horse and family things have been keeping me busy. I started a workout program called DTP- which can be found off of, to increase muscle size. I sorta was at a standstill, numbers weren't changing from June and honestly with this nice kick in gears, change of plan, I see dramatic results. My arms and legs have grown quite a bit of muscle, quite happy about this. I will posts measurements once I am completely. Only a few days! I'm sore, but really glad to be pushing through it. Every rep, every phase brings me that much closer to my goal. No matter what never give up, always push harder and never allow anything to get too easy.