Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sick pony

I haven't talked much about it, but I own 2 horses. Last two week my horse Rira has been pretty lame. It started off that he was off on his left hind and morning after, it was his right. Which made me pretty concerned since he is normally pretty hardy. I have had to deal with quite a bit of different health issues with him throughout the years, but really nothing like this. What was it? Was not an abscess, no heat, putting pressure on all feet and with the movement of the joint pain it was most likely Lyme. As anyone would with their child or their pet, you reach out to friends, start googling topics, but end of the day you know your kid right?

I know him, and I know what to expect. This passed Tuesday, started a homeopathic cure 3 times a day, which will occur for about 3 days to heal him of his Lyme symptoms. Day 2 Rira was walking better then the day prior. What I used was Ledum. Ledum is a homeopathic remedy, mostly used for bites and stings, but there are so much more which it can be used for. Helps with infections and getting rid of the toxins.

I know most tend not to want to try alternative medicines, but I tend to one that less is more most of the time and to allow the body to heal on its own. Modern day medicine has a lot of issues and often has quite a bit of side effects. With homepathic, no crazy side effects and doesn't hurt you in any shape or form. And the doses are the same whether your are a 1400 lbed horse or a 100 lbed human. I will update later how he is doing on Monday, I hope to have him almost fully healed by then.